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Why Elden Ring's DLC Needs its Own Coded Sword

  • The Coded Sword from Elden Ring Runes is really a powerful weapon with little competition, but future expansions have ample room to alter that.

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    Datamines for Elden Ring’s first Shadow from the Erdtree expansion have uncovered that the new weapon type can make a featured appearance within the DLC. While a brand new weapon type bodes well for Elden Ring generally, a specific weapon deserves some competition.

    Overall, the Coded Sword in Elden Ring is really a highly useful and sought-after weapon because of the many interesting components of the weapon. From its elemental damage type towards the Ash of War and also the visual appearance, the Coded Sword is really a weapon that players shouldn’t underestimate.

    Elden Ring Needs More Elemental Weapons as Powerful because the Coded Sword

    Holy damage is comparatively overpowered like a majority of players and enemies in Elden Ring aren’t designed with Holy Resistance. The Coded Sword, Cipher Pata, and also the Holy-damage Incantations are really strong because of this, except when it comes to the final bosses in Elden Ring. The Elden Beast and Radagon are one of the very few enemies which are resistant to Holy damage, and 2 enemies are practically safe from it. This is one of the very few limitations of the Coded Sword, as otherwise, it’s easily a contender for one of the best weapons within the game.

    What helps make the Holy Damage around the Coded Sword so powerful is it works differently than almost all the other Elemental or status effect weapons in Elden Ring. Most weapons that are infused by having an Elemental damage type have inherent standard damage that pairs using the added damage types, although not the Coded Sword. Instead, the Coded Sword exclusively deals Holy damage, so since not many enemies have much Holy resistance, this weapon is really a force to become reckoned with. Since this weapon avoids a typical damage type, additionally, it skips on any Strength or Dexterity scaling. The Coded Sword only scales with Faith, though its B-tier scaling could be upgraded to A-tier scaling, which is extremely potent.

    The Coded Sword’s Ash of War can also be very powerful across both PvE and PvP in Elden Ring. The Ash of War attack around the Coded Sword is known as Unblockable Blade and also the Cipher Pata actually has got the same skill, just with a bit less range. Other than these 2 weapons, this Ash of War isn't available on every other weapon. As the name implies, the Unblockable Blade attack is entirely impossible to bar, whichever shield it strikes. This attack also can’t be parried, so it’s a simple way to circumvent probably the most fortified enemy shields.

    Because of the Elemental damage and shield-penetrating Ash of War attack around the Coded Sword, the only method to counter this weapon would be to dodge or use weaponry with superior range. Since NPCs in Elden Ring that are designed with a shield will in the end attempt to use their shield, players can punish this behavior using the Coded Sword. Even after the Coded Sword weapon was rebalanced with some from the Nerfs in Elden Ring, it’s still ridiculously strong thanks to the many different layers it's.

    While this is usually a bit subjective, the Coded Sword could well be one of the coolest weapon designs in Elden Ring. The hilt and crossguard from the weapon are fairly typical designs, although the blade itself is so unique it's instantly recognizable. The Coded Sword’s blade is created entirely of cipher symbols that glow golden and extend the length from the sword nearly threefold throughout the Ash of War attack.

    Why Elden Ring’s DLC really will need its own Coded Sword equivalent would be to bring other Elemental and status effect weapons as much as compete using the best weapons within the game. Many fans think that future DLCs may revive a number of buys elden ring runes cut content, which points toward the underutilized Sleep status effect weaponry. Other Elements and status effects that may also use some expanded weapon variety include Red Lightning, Death Blight, Frost, and Madness.

    Elden Ring can be obtained now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.