Will lead one to find buried riches from ancient times

  • The prize would be an option a magic ring such as the egg ring but this OSRS gold turns you into a bunny just like in castle wars you will nonetheless be abble to exchange transaction but if you do commerce ur ring will probably come un operate and when your done tradeing u will have to click on you ring and then click on function magic rabbit ring the other down side you wont be able to conduct or perform emotes if its operateing.

    The other option will be apet rabbit that if you releace it it will follow you like a kitty it will grow or have to be socialized whith you might do that whith it or weild it and it will be craddled in your arms and if you try to att it will disapear and when ur done fighting it will end up on your arms or stock.

    Which ever you chouse you'll also recive a emote or two if you dont have the bunny hop emote if you have or dont have the bunny hop you will recieve the rabbit hop anda chicken chase where a chicken apears and you also run in 3 figure 8s pursuing a chicken then you dip and the chicken disapears along with Old school runescape gold your peson wonders where it went. So what do you think please reply of and the reward #/10 along with also the challenge #/10 oh and sorry if I have poor spelling.