Major implications for Tarkovs financial system

  • That update has verified to have major implications for Tarkov’s financial system. It enables stymie wealthy players who want to buy up the whole thing the NPCs have on EFT Items provide after which sell the products at a markup at the flea market, which keeps bots and actual-cash investors from getting too far out of manage. But it also manner the equipment you’ll get from Twitch drops gained’t necessarily be as treasured.

    Since Escape from Tarkov’s state-of-the-art primary patch, BattleState Games has been pursuing cheaters with renewed aggression. The day after the wipe, the employer banned a few three,000 gamers, and that range has now climbed to almost 10,000. BattleState chief operations officer Nikita Buyanov says the studio has plans to address real-cash buying and selling and high pings as nicely.