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Diablo 4 Ways: How to salvage gear and items

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    Look sharp on your adventures

    Equipping the best armor and weapons can sometimes result in an ugly costume design, but there are transmogs in Diablo 4 that will let you choose your style. You’ll eventually have to ditch the equipment you love in the pursuit of being the strongest in the game, but there is a way to keep it on while retaining the new equipment’s stat boosts.

    Through the Blacksmith, you’ll be able to keep your styles without having to worry. Here’s how to salvage items & get transmogs in Diablo 4, fellow warriors and mages.

    How to Salvage Gear in Diablo 4?

    You can salvage gear in Diablo 4 from Blacksmith. You can find a Blacksmith in towns throughout the game world. Here are the steps you must follow.

    When you arrive at a Blacksmith, interact with him and select the item you want to salvage.

    Then, choose “Salvage” from the left-hand menu and confirm your choice.

    Make sure you read the info screen before you confirm your salvaging action. The Blacksmith will then break down the item into its crafting components, which can be used to craft new items.

    Generally, you will get rawhide and leather. But the materials you get by salvaging a gear depend on the quality of the gear. Salvage higher quality items to get rare materials. So, salvage your unwanted gear for resources and free up inventory space in Diablo 4! With the Blacksmith, you can recover unwanted items for crafting components and make room for new equipment.

    With this guide, you should better understand how to salvage gear. Remember that recovering effectively manages your inventory space and gets resources for crafting powerful items. Now that you know how to salvage equipment in Diablo 4, go ahead and get recovering! Good luck on your journey to victory! Hoping this guide was helpful to you. Stay safe and happy gaming!

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