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Honkai Star Rail: How to Build the Best Team with Jing Yuan Cha

  • Jing Yuan's Character in Honkai Star Rail

    Jing Yuan is a 5-Star Lightning Element character within the Honkai Star Rail universe, noted for his mastery of the Lightning element and the command within the Xianzhou Luofu. Despite his relaxed demeanor and easygoing nature, he possesses an enthusiastic mind along with a sharp eye for detail.

    How to Build the Best Team with Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail

    Jing Yuan continues to be designed like a true main DPS who’ll also be able to Break shields that are weak to Lightning. You’ll like to get at least one support along with a healer to supply him more power, in addition to one sub-DPS or Flex character to obtain more versatility.

    Generally, teams in Honkai are constructed with one main DPS along with a sub-DPS (normally a tank who’ll assist with Breaking shields and overtaking if needed), as well as a support (a buffer/debuffer) along with a healer.

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    Jing Yuan + Arlan + Tingyun + Bailu

    The core item within this all-Lightning Jing Yuan team comp is Tingyun while using Planetary Rendezvous Light Cone, which will allow all Lightning units to manage 12% extra DMG. Tingyun can continuously buff Jing Yuan or Arlan to manage higher damage, and her capability to restore a teammate’s Energy will be handy for Jing Yuan who depends on building his Lightning Lord stacks.

    Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

    One issue here's that Bailu doesn’t synergize perfectly with Arlan who plays around low HP, making a shielder a much better teammate for Arlan. Fortunately, since Bailu is really a healer and doesn’t take advantage of Tingyun's Planetary Rendezvous Light Cone, players can swap Bailu out for any shielder like Gepard or March 7th. Of course, Trailblazers may also replace Arlan with Serval, but considering she’s an Erudition character like Jing Yuan, it isn't the best option.

    Jing Yuan + Seele + Fire Trailblazer + Bronya

    Jing Yuan deals a lot of damage, players who're confident in his build can change one support to obtain a lot more aggressive. Playing with no Healer can feel counter-intuitive and scary. Sometimes, however, the very best defense is a strong offense.

    For simple to medium-difficulty fights, Honkai players may take the risk and try out a team with two strong DPS characters and fewer sustain. The enemies are going to be eliminated before they can knock down your team.

    If you don’t have Seele, you can switch her out for an additional mono-target DPS you’ve prepared, for example, Dan Heng or Yanqing.

    Jing Yuan + Fire Trailblazer + Asta + Natasha

    If the only real characters apart from Jing Yuan open to you are the ones provided through the campaign of Honkai: Star Rail, then this is the very best team comp. Shielding and taunts in the Fire Trailblazer could keep Jing Yuan safe. Meanwhile, Asta is going to be primarily employed for her speed buffing ultimate, which will help to ensure Jing Yuan could get the maximum 10 stacks of buffs on Lightning-Lord. Finally, Natasha’s healing is going to be necessary to keep your team alive, particularly in harder content such as the Simulated Universe.

    Jing Yuan + Fire Trailblazer + Bronya + Bailu

    In this Honkai team, you’ll have from 3 to 4 five-star characters, so only players who had the opportunity to pull all of those are going to be able to listen to it. It’ll be tremendously efficient, however.

    Bronya may be the undisputed best support within the game, and she’ll perfectly suit this Jing Yuan team since she wields the Wind Element. Another Support is going to do, so long as Jing Yuan gets some buffs or sees enemies debuffed, increasingly vulnerable to his attacks.

    You may also switch out the Fire Trailblazer to Gepard, in line with the strategy in-store (and simply your tank preferences).

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