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The Coolest Cosmetics From WOTLK Classic’s May 2023 Trading Pos

  • A new month has arrived, meaning World of Warcraft players have a very fresh batch of cosmetics to say through the Trading Post. This month features a lot of fantastic-looking armor sets, a unique battle pet, plus a glorious green mount that players can ride into battle. There is a real ton available this month, and anyone who wants to say any of it could want to act fast before a brand-new Trading Post catalog arrives in June.

    Anyone who's simply playing World of Warcraft can earn enough Trader's Tender to buy whatever cosmetics they require. Players with an active subscription will probably be granted 500 Tenders after they log in, so they can earn another 500 by completing various tasks inside the Traveler's Log. Most tasks are tied to everyday activity or seasonal events, so players will get rewarded with new cosmetics by simply adventuring across Azeroth.

    Ensemble: Kvaldir Scout Leathers

    One of the headlining cosmetics in World of Warcraft's May Trading Post catalog comes in the form of the new Kvaldir Scout Leathers transmog armor set. This set is only able to be worn by Rogues, Monks, Druids, and Demon Hunters. It seems well suited for anyone adventuring within the Dragon Isles, however, its origins are relatively unknown. Anyone who wants to say it will need to fork over 750 Trader's Tenders before the month ends.

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    Ensemble: Vestment in the Honored Valarjar

    The priciest item in World of Warcraft's May Trading Post is an additional armor set that seems like a combination of Legion and Shadowlands content. The Vestment in the Honored Valarjar is a brightly colored set that honors the powerful Valarjar in addition to their leader Odyn. It is only able to be worn by Priests, Mages, and Warlocks, and will also set players back 850 Tender. It seems like a great addition to anyone's collection, plus a worthy outfit to use in battle in the Primal Incarnates during Embers of Neltharion.


    World of Warcraft Battle Pet collectors wasn't left out in the Trading Post fun this month. For 600 Trader's Tenders, players may add the adorable robot dog Pippin to their collection. His body and heart are constructed of gold, and the man is the best traveling companion for almost any affluent gnome. While he may not match World of Warcraft Dragonflight's aesthetic, he's still a must-grab for almost any pet collector.

    Savage Green Battle Turtle

    Players can also get a bonus cosmetic every month if they connect with World of Warcraft's Trading Post feature. This month, they may add the Savage Green Battle Turtle mount to or their collection. It seems like a perfect mount to traverse The Azure Span with, and players can buy it by simply completing their Traveler's Log. There is no news on when the reward occasion to appear again, so anyone who wants it could want to start completing tasks as soon as possible.

    Tiercel's Wing

    Since the introduction of World of Warcraft's Demon Hunters, players are demanding more unique war glaives. Luckily, Blizzard has listened by giving Tiercel's Wings in May's Trading Post catalog. This one-handed war glaive was crafted inside the shape of an arak koa's wings and appears like one of the most unique-looking war glaives so far. Anyone who wants to say it will need available over 200 Trader's Tenders, but players will desire to ensure they have a very demon hunter before they're doing it.

    There is a real lot more obtainable in the May Trading Post, that is impossible to say it all. Items that rotate out will allegedly return someday, but players could also freeze an article so that it carries to another month. All of these submissions are constantly around the make the Trading Post one of the most exciting new inclusions in World of Warcraft, and hopefully, June maintains that momentum.

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