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Honkai Star Rail Currency Guide: How to Obtain Stellar Jade Fas


    What is Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail?

    Stellar Jade may be the premium Gacha currency available inside the game's loot, whether completing objectives or looting chests. It is much like Genshin Impact's Primogems, where one can use 160 of those to purchase whether Star Rail Pass or perhaps a Star Rail Special Pass.

    Unlike Star Rail Passes, Stellar Jades do not have restrictions on specific banners and may be used in anything, even going to replenish Stamina. However, spending this wisely is usually recommended, as earning Stellar Jades will end up significantly more challenging while you progress further into the story.

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    How to Obtain Stellar Jade Fast in Honkai Star Rail

    Complete Story Quests

    Most main story quests in Honkai: Star Rail will reward you with having a bit of Stellar Jade, so pushing with the campaign will probably be your best income source in the early stages. While completing story quests, various side quests will even pop up on the way. If you want to accrue as much Stellar Jade as you possibly can, you’ll need to look into completing these too.

    Not all side quests will reward you with Stellar Jade –though the rewards continue to be very useful– which means you don’t need to prioritize them, but simply keep them at the back of your mind while you’re playing with the game.

    Treasure Chests

    You will earn a tiny bit of Stellar Jade whenever you open the silver and blue treasure chests present in each area.

    POE Currency


    You could get one Stellar Jade each time the Tutorials menu pops up while you start playing the sport. While this might not seem like a great deal, it may add up to making a difference in a pinch.

    Keep track of in-game events

    The most consistent method to earn Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail would be to keep track of in-game events.

    Mobile games such as this have a rotating door of limited-time objectives with new stories, gameplay modes, and much more to keep us engaged, and Star Rail won't be any different. Across in-game events and popular web events, you can earn much more Stellar Jade compared to the average F2P person should you just keep track of the Star Rail event schedule.

    Complete Simulated Universe

    First-time completion rewards for the Simulated Universe world in the Herta Space Station include around 100 Stellar Jade. You can also earn as much as 75 weekly by scoring points through world completions. Click on the Current Score section to determine this reward track. You can also earn several Stellar Jade for every new blessing you unlock whilst in the universe should you head to the Index after.

    How to Use Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

    Once you will find the required Stellar Jade (that is 160 Stellar Jade for any single Star Rail Special Pass), check out the “Store” menu. From there visit the “Stellar Trade” option and you’ll find two different selectable tickets. One may be the Star Rail Special Pass, and the other may be the Star Rail Pass. The difference between your two is exactly what kinds of banners they can be utilized on.

    For example, the Star Rail Pass can be utilized on any normal banner, including the regular “Stellar Warp” option. Whereas the Star Rail Special Pass is exclusively utilized on limited-time banners. These are signified through the “Event” within their title within the Warp section. If you want to learn more about Path Of Exile, MMOWTS is here and it offers cheap path of exile currency.