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Elden Ring: 3 Largest Bosses

  • The various bosses in Elden Ring in many cases are intimidating in stature - particularly when compared to your character. However, with a few of the bosses, you can fight to trump others in dimensions, but the climax is not always obvious. If you were to see one out of real life, you would run for that hills simply because they would pulverize both you and your city.

    Of course, it's worth noting that size doesn't equal power in The Lands Between. In fact, for many, like Radahn, their massive dimensions are a curse. For others, the sheer monstrosity of the height, like Elder Dragon Greyoll, can not be appreciated unless when compared with others.

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    3. Elden Beast

    As you might expect, the ultimate boss is among the biggest. Given the environment you fight the Elden Beast in, that could not be incredibly obvious though. Yet, once the Elden Beast stands on its hind legs, it towers total but a couple of Elden Ring's bosses.

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    When not standing, though, the Elden Beast continues to be an imposing figure. Both wide and long, you'd be bold to face it head-on. Arguably, you should not do that anyway since it will breathe fire at you, you'll also find to fight Radagon again.

    2. Fire Giant

    The sheer size of the Fire Giant is a compelling enough argument to create aside any belief that Radagon has any giant blood coursing through his veins. He may be grand in stature when compared with you, but he isn't that big when compared with the Fire Giant. Very little else in the game can be when compared with the immense size of the Fire Giant.

    Even throughout the second phase of the fight, the Fire Giant still easily towers over most of the creatures hanging around. The size alone is sufficient to make you realize precisely how impressive Godfrey's successful campaign from the Fire Giants was.

    1. Elder Dragon Greyoll

    This dragon is really large when she was to walk around and undergo her full animations out from the ground, she would break your game. Greyoll may be the largest living dragon in The Lands Between, though she's hardly probably the most dangerous. You can kill her pretty in the early stages, because of the Scarlet Rot incapacitating her.

    The only thing you need to worry about may be the five (significantly) smaller dragons around. Had she had the opportunity to stand, Elder Dragon Greyoll would tower over everything and everyone in The Lands Between by having an estimated wingspan of 856 feet along with a height of 282 feet sitting on her back feet.