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Lost Ark Slayer Guide: Release Date, Engravings, Skills, Gems


    Follow us to take a look at the release duration of this brand-new class, identity, engraving, skills, synergy, and build variations!

    Lost Ark Slayer Release Date (NA/EU)

    The new class Slayer will release in Lost Ark NA/EU servers alongside the May Update, that's has been confirmed within the second area of the 2023 Roadmap. We won't be aware of the exact time and date, but we guess the update will in all probability be on Wednesday, May 10th (the final update happened on Wednesday, April 12th).

    Lost Ark Slayer Guide (Engravings, Skills, Gems, Gear, Combat Stat, Build Variations)

    The slayer class is a very common sight around the battlefield, wielding massive two-handed greatswords and unleashing devastating attacks. Renowned for his or her exceptional offensive and defensive capabilities, they're considered probably the most reliable and consistent class within the game. When activated, their runaway mode grants them immense power, which makes them a force to become reckoned with and able to quickly turn the tide of battle.

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    Slayers Class Engraving & Basic Mechanic

    The Slayer rating is excellent. Slayer uses Executioner and Predator as her professional Engravings. The two Engravings differ in their methods of operation. Usually, only occupational engravings which use pole-specific settings are very well evaluated. Slayers can also be pretty tolerant of predators when compared with executioners who use polarized settings.

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    When a panic attack hits an enemy, it absorbs blood in the enemy and recovers 3/6/10% from the rage gauge and 1/2/3% of mana. /40% increase, but every 3 seconds you receive a 'fatigue' effect, helping the rage gauge consumption by 10%, and also you cannot make use of the Bloodlust skill. At the end of the runaway, the amount of exhaustion is reduced through the number of stacks of 'fatigue', so when the exhaustion ends, the whole rage gauge is restored.


    Increases damage dealt to enemies during executioner by 7/15/25%, increases Bloodlust skill's critical hit rate by 5/10/20% but reduces rage gauge acquisition by 25% and runaway duration by 50%. The exhaustion effect does not occur at the end of the runaway.

    The amount of congestion itself is shortened and also the congestion can't be used for long, however, it supports Aden and boosts the amount of damage, so make use of a special or special tree with regards to securing Aden.

    In exchange for Aden's technology being sealed, it allows the runaway state to keep going longer. Also, it's good to support the Slayer's dilemma, of insufficient mana. This is because just about all skills in Slayer have returned attacks, therefore the Death set is nearly forced. As the main character, I recommend an excellent tall tree. Due to the high-performance correction from the Death set and identity, fatalities apart from the necklace are unnecessary.

    So a lot more like identity relies on classes such as the mass of sommer or igniter saucers, so horror specialization combat stand is very useful for her class identity. You be aware of the Doomsday-Doomsday combo right? We mean the sorcerer's main part. If you have a greater Crimson Gem from the Doomsday skill you can make use of a dupe twice when you are identity the special moment amplification switched on. Slayer includes a little similar scale called Guillotine. Guillotine is one of the backbone skills from the Slayer, just such the same or possibly almost like the Doomsday mechanic.

    Let us summarize the mechanic in a nutshell:

    1. Fill up Identity

    2. Turn on Identity

    3. Throw Everything