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Elden Ring: Where To Find Vyke's War Spear

  • Few weapons in Elden Ring strike fear into the heart of every Tarnished like Vyke's War Spear. Its inherent capability to build up madness, long reach, and unique Ash of War causes it to be a terrifying weapon to manage off against within the Colosseum. While its effects are limited in PvE, still it makes short work associated with humanoid opponents you'll face in The Lands Between.

    This formidable weapon could be tricky to locate and painful to obtain if you aren't prepared. Here's the breakdown from the War Spear's stats, how to obtain it, and also the best ways to utilize it.

    What is Vyke's, War Spear?

    Vyke's War Spear may be the only weapon within the game by having an inherent madness attribute (that's not a shield or perhaps a seal). Madness is a powerful status effect that, when triggered, may cause its victim to consider damage (100+15% from the victim's max HP), to get rid of FP (30+10% of the victim's max FP), and also to crumple over in pain, leaving them available to more attacks. This causes it to be invaluable against other humanoid targets like enemy Tarnished who're affected by Madness. Since these effects take prescription of a spear, it might be extremely effective at mid-range in which the spear's long reach can catch casters from unexpected ranges or Tarnished who're just attempting to dodge roll.

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    Its Ash of War, Frenzy Flame Thrust, costs 22 FP, and it has the Tarnished leap into the air after which crashes downward, developing a trident of flames to explode before its landing spot. These flames deal damage so long as your opponents stand them as well as cause madness build-up. Be aware that Frenzy Flame Thrust will even inflict Madness develop on you too whenever you cast it.

    Where is Vyke's, War Spear?

    Vyke's War Spear is located just south of the Church of Inhibition Site of Grace at Bellum Highway. When you get near the Church of Inhibition, Festering Fingerprint Vyke will invade your world, and slaying him will reward you together with his spear. However, reaching this Site of Grace could be tricky, and it is recommended to consider a look only at that guide to obtain past the Tower of Madness.

    To reach Vyke, start in the Bellum Church Site of Grace and head southeast toward a ramp on the other side of the main road. Follow that path and it'll lead you toward Grand Lift Dectus. Continue after that path eastward after which southward and it'll lead to a small clearing. Run through that clearing, but be cautious. Small flaming eyes will spawn who are around you that will inflict madness on you should you linger for too much time.

    Use Torrent to operate past them and hide within the shadows to avoid the madness bar from filling. If you don't have enough time to operate past them, equip items that increase focus, or you can respec your levels and set a few more points into Mind.