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Diablo 4 item rarity levels – colors and affixes explained


    Here would be the Diablo 4 buy items' rarity levels, including their colors and quantity of affixes, that will help you pick out the very best equipment inside your inventory instantly.

    Diablo 4

    Confused about the Diablo 4-item rarity? Not all merchandise is created equal in Diablo 4, and there’s lots of loot to dig through on your journey across Sanctuary. Thankfully, Blizzard has continued Diablo’s long-standing tradition of splitting items into tiers of color-coded rarity, something that’s withstood the exam of time – and something which you’ve likely seen appear in many other games.

    Equipment is really a core element of Diablo 4, and also the rarity of the weapons and armor is directly associated with your progression within the hellish ARPG. We’ve grouped the Diablo 4 rarity levels by their corresponding color, and together with the number of affixes you will probably find in each and every tier. We recommend pairing this with this primer towards the Diablo 4 loot system, which delves into item effects, runewords, and much more. If you would rather keep things simple, here’s the lowdown on Diablo 4 rarity levels in front of the release date that is right around the corner.

    Diablo 4 item rarity

    Here would be the Diablo 4 item rarity levels as well as their corresponding colors:

    Normal – White

    Magic – Blue

    Rare – Yellow

    Legendary – Orange

    Unique – Gold

    While item rarity generally is a good shorthand for what merchandise is better than others, it’s worth considering that the value of the items doesn’t always correspond to the color ascribed to them. You might find an item that falls lower around the loot tier system includes modifiers that better complement your build, so make sure to choose wisely at higher levels.


    You’re probably to find components of Normal rarity on your first few hours exploring through Sanctuary. They don’t have unique or variable properties besides a fundamental stat boost, which is just enough to help keep you alive until something better drops. In our experience, you need to quickly outstrip any Normal things you have equipped after tackling several cellars and dungeons – after which, they’re best accustomed to either sell or salvage.


    Magic items would be the next around the rung of Diablo 4 rarity levels. If you’re a newcomer to Diablo, don’t be fooled by the name – these things aren’t limited to spellcasters and may be accustomed to bolster the scrappiest Diablo 4 Barbarian build. Not only do they've higher stats than their normal counterparts, but Magic items may also include as many as two affixes, introducing a diploma of variability while you begin to work your way towards the Diablo 4 max level cap.


    We consider Rare to be the awkward teen phase from the Diablo 4 item rarity levels given that they primarily function as a stepping stone between Magic and Legendary items. They can include between two to six affixes depending on the drop, therefore the overall worth of this rarity varies wildly – but it’s generally safe to visualize they’re superior to your Magic alternatives. You can be prepared to acquire Rare items when completing side quests, dungeons, or any other activities that may increase your Diablo 4 Renown.


    Legendary merchandise is some of the most coveted in Sanctuary, and also the rarity you need to be seeking to kit yourself out in while approaching the Diablo 4 endgame. They include four regular affixes together with an additional Legendary affix that’s much more powerful than its fellows. Legendaries typically drop while clearing Strongholds or after defeating powerful bosses. It’s also worth mentioning that both Legendary and Unique merchandise is bound to your bank account, so don’t be prepared to trade high-value gear involving the pals in Diablo 4 multiplayer.


    Unique merchandise is finally making its long-awaited return from Diablo 2. This rarity level includes “build-around items with completely fixed affixes, heavily thematic in most cases class-specific powers, and distinctive look”, as described in Blizzard’s article – though we’ve encountered several generic drops that may be equipped by all classes.

    As their name indicates, each Unique item includes its own unique effect that may enhance your class abilities. While just one Unique item could be equipped at any given time, their benefits outweigh the time and effort (and gold) it requires to craft your Diablo 4 skill trees around them. Of course, you might only be along with a chance to get a Unique item after overcoming some of the toughest challenges Lilith can throw at you, for example slaying world bosses or besting The Butcher.

    Now that you’re an expert around the Diablo 4 item rarity levels, ensure you’re sporting the very best threads within the RPG game by getting to grips using the Diablo 4 transmog system. We’ve also got a few helpful tips for new and returning players, in addition to a primer towards the buy Diablo 4 items world tiers if you think ready for any real challenge.