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Elden Ring Players Can't Believe There's A Friendly Dog In The

  • The Lands Between is really a dangerous place where everything really wants to kill you. Going for a leisurely stroll can lead to a horrific death even though you stick to the relatively safe areas of the map. Even when there is not some grotesque creature attempting to smash you to definite bits and feed you to definitely its children, there's Varre, who's equally brutal in mentioning that you're maidens. Even the one little bit of affection you receive from Fia provides a debuff.

    Just whenever you think there's nowhere to show after getting sliced to bits by Malenia for that fifteenth time, apparently, there's actually a friendly dog in Elden Ring. Usually, these dogs – Rotten Strays, as they're called – roam in packs and jump from nowhere to ruin your entire day. But it appears as if there's one who is really a legitimate good boy. As pointed out by dFOXb, there's one dog within the northeastern part of Leyndell that does not attack you if you don't attack first. In fact, you may also use gestures to pet him (thanks GameRant).

    The comments section was overjoyed to understand that there's a friendly beast in The Lands Between that you could pet – kind of. However, there have been some who have been utterly confused, as all they saw would be a tortoise. Unfortunately Torrent may be the only other friendly animal within the game, and there is no real method to pet him, considering he appears and disappears from directly under you.

    This good boy may be the direct complete opposite of another dog that players encountered when Elden Ring was initially released. Back in April this past year, players were finding a particular Rotten Stray that will kill them in a single shot. Upon investigating, data miner Zullie the Witch learned that this was actually a bug that somehow enabled your dog to dish out 11,000 points of harm in one attack – equal to 11 attacks from Radahn.

    Hopefully, the game's newly announced DLC, Shadow from the Erdtree, brings along a method to interact with Torrent in a deeper manner. Based on the artwork shared by FromSoftware, we may learn a little more about the Tarnished's faithful steed.