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Genshin Impact: Best Characters To Equip The Mailed Flower Clay

  • Genshin Impact is introducing the Mailed Flower claymore for a limited time, however, it does not fit every hero. Here are the very best characters to equip it.

    Genshin Impact’s Mailed Flower claymore could be wielded by many different characters, most of which will thrive by using it. The new 4-star weapon has been added to developer HoYoverse’s open-world RPG with the limited-time event, Windblume Festival 2023. Players who take part in this year's edition of the yearly Mondstadt celebration may have a chance of getting the exclusive claymore.

    This is, actually, the only real chance they'll get at getting the weapon. Mailed Flower is definitely an event-exclusive claymore and won't be able to be acquired later. As such, people who want to equip their characters with Mailed Flower may have to take part in Windblume Festival, among Genshin Impact 3.5’s many events, to acquire it permanently. Similarly, in Version 1.4, players could acquire the 4-star Windblume Ode bow by taking part in the event – and people who missed out cannot obtain it anymore.

    Genshin Impact Characters That Use Elemental Mastery Are The Best For Mailed Flower

    As stated by GameWith, Genshin Impact’s Mailed Flower includes a high base attack (565 at level 90) for any 4-star weapon. However, what's most impressive is its Elemental Mastery (EM) sub-stat (110 at level 90). Additionally, its weapon skill, Whispers Of Wind And Flower, increases ATK and Elemental Mastery by 12% and 48, respectively, for 8 seconds, each time an Elemental Skill hits a rival or triggers an Elemental Reaction in Genshin Impact. This makes the Windblume Festival-exclusive Mailed Flower especially great for characters who use EM, even when it is not their sub-stat.

    Hyperbloom Razor Is The Best Character For Genshin Impact’s Mailed Flower

    Characters with Genshin Impact’s Mailed Flower should concentrate on triggering Elemental Reactions to make the very best use of claymore’s EM bonuses. Of course, this depends upon the build each character has. Nonetheless, the very best character to equip the weapon is Razor. His Hyperbloom-focused build, based on GameWith, see Elemental Mastery because of the main priority across all his Artifacts. By using the Windblume Festival's weapon, Razor can significantly enhance the damage he creates by triggering Hyperbloom inside a specialized team.

    Having Diluc in Genshin Impact make use of the Mailed Flower weapon from Windblume Festival is another possibility. Despite his build not traditionally concentrating on Elemental Mastery, he is able to take advantage of the weapon’s sub-state and skill to use massive damage through Pyro-based reactions, which are some of the strongest hanging around. With him, players can trigger Burgeon, Melt, and Overload, for example, all of that is great for affecting multiple opponents. Another suggestion is Sayu, which has an EM sub-stat. The weapon can significantly improve both her Swirl reactions and her overall healing powers, which makes it a good choice for her.

    GameWith highlights that any character that utilizes Elemental Mastery can equip Windblume Festival's Mailed Flower. Dehya, in Genshin Impact, is really a candidate, in addition to Dori and Beidou, for instance. Ultimately, the character’s build will even affect just how much the weapon is really useful. However, this is among three 4-star claymores which have EM like a sub-stat, so players should think about obtaining it to a minimum of having it be an equitable selection for their characters in Genshin Impact.