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Honkai: Star Rail Will Change Up Seele's Ultimate Animation

  • Honkai: Star Rail Accounts intends to change up Seele's ultimate animation to deal with the feedback it received from the avid player base.

    Honkai: Star Rail

    Honkai: Star Rail is going to be making some changes to Seele's ultimate animation. The popular banner character is renowned for her flashy moves that deal significant harm to enemies.

    HoYoverse recently posted a "Voice from the Galaxy" developer blog to provide Honkai: Star Rail players a glimpse of its upcoming plans, like the standard of living adjustments, along with a confirmation from the in-game chat feature visiting Honkai: Star Rail version 1.1. Probably the most notable update was HoYoverse addressing concerns about Seele's ultimate animation.

    In Honkai: Star Rail, Seele is really a Quantum-element character, who moves so quickly that she blinks and disappears on the watch's screen when she attacks enemies. While many players appear to be positioning her as his or the main damage dealer within their teams, they've also noted the visuals of her ultimate, Butterfly Flurry, was far too flashy and hurt their eyes, particularly when they're playing in 2x speed. In the article, HoYoverse acknowledged the feedback, saying the devs are searching for the best methods to optimize Seele's ultimate animation. Additionally, it's likely to add relevant options to let players personalize their gameplay experience further.

    As for that rollout from the Seele update, HoYoverse said Hello won't be obtainable in Honkai: Star Rail version 1.1 because it will take "extra development and testing." Meanwhile, many players on social networking made several requests to HoYoverse for additional features and adjustments they want in Star Rail, like giving players their very own customizable rooms within the Astral Express, and much more opportunities to farm resources.

    Honkai: Star Rail only has been out for nearly a month, but it is already exceeded many players' expectations, gameplay, and storyline-wise. Although its features, as well as the main story, continue to be far from complete, the correct answer is clear lots of players are searching forward to future updates, to allow them to uncover Star Rail's story further and pull for brand new characters. But for now, HoYoverse's dev notes and standard of living updates will suffice.

    Of course, as with any HoYoverse game, there have been honkai star rail accounts leaks that revealed the next character's gameplay, and 10 unreleased character models. This may be exciting to a lot of avid players, but it is also worth remembering to consider them with a touch of suspicion to avoid disappointment as HoYoverse's plans can invariably change. But if the many Star Rail rumors do wind up being true, then fans from the game may have some interesting team compositions in the future.