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Lost Ark Releases Details For Anniversary Update

  • Lost Ark Gold celebrates its first anniversary in the Western world.

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    The February Anniversary Update comes in full swing starting February 8, allowing players to remain up-to-date with news about Lost Ark. The celebration is ushering in unique attractions for the ARPG’s first anniversary, including a new continent and an open-world faction PvP.

    Lost Ark became a massive hit in Korea if this was released in 2019. Fast forward to 2023, the game’s western debut was helmed by Amazon Games in 2022, also it was greeted by droves of players, resulting in Lost Ark getting record-breaking numbers on Steam. Since the Western version lags many years behind the OG Korean version, the majority of Lost Ark’s newbie consisted of updates that slowly eased players into “new” encounters, classes, and features already open to Korean players. Now, we’re getting good new content that people can use to farm Lost Ark gold, because of the anniversary update.

    Introducing Rowen

    The main focus of Lost Ark’s anniversary update is Rowen, a continent rich with rare minerals you are able to sell for Lost Ark currency. Located west of Shushire, the Sylmael-filled land is valuable to everyone in Arkesia. Two factions hotly contest the land: Preigelli and Liebertane.

    According to Lost Ark’s article about the February update, Preigelli is really a faction formed underneath the belief that Chaos was delivered to Rowen due to the people’s indulgences. Because of that, they have to bring strict rules and order to the continent. Preigelli is made by a number of mercenaries who excelled at utilizing machines.

    On another hand, Liebertane was formed underneath the belief that Rowen was delivered to ruin due to restrictions and overly strict rules. The folks who banded together to produce Liebertane, comprising mages and pirates, value passion and freedom most of all.

    If you possess an item degree of 1445 or more, you can start the world quest on Rowen, ultimately culminating in your decision to become listed on one of the two factions.

    PvP Between the Two Factions

    Once you’ve chosen the faction of your liking after fulfilling the “Cataclysmic Eliyabeck” quest, you’ll have the ability to enter a PvP mode from the opposing faction. This leads towards the open-world PvP system, in which you and other players in the competing factions can rise within the ranks by participating. Faction ranks are split into 15 tiers, and you will earn them by doing daily, weekly, and co-op quests.

    The war between Preigelli and Liebertane will start once the February update goes live. Still, your competition heats up even more in March—precisely once the Tulubik Battlefield goes full swing. For those that haven’t heard about it, the Tulubik Battlefield is really a large-scale, 48v48 extravaganza that pits players right into a large arena.

    Twitch Drops for that Avid Viewers

    Besides the development of the Rowen continent and PvP factions, you may expect several events which will offer valuable rewards: Twitch Drops. Twitch Drops really are a typical “event” for many online games, also it gives developers an opportunity to give back to their community in return for a few hours of watch time. The drops often reward individuals with costumes along with other cosmetic items.

    There’s no news yet concerning the Twitch Drops for Lost Ark, but we’re sure it’ll be only at it. Who knows? The rewards will come in handy once the March update is released.

    Players Can Expect the Artist to Come Early

    If you’re among the many players excited for that western discharge of the Artist, we’ve great news for you! Previously announced because the first Specialist Advanced Class in Lost Ark, the Artist was slated to reach the Western version from the ARPG in April 2023. But now, Amazon Games and Smilegate have shared that their development work for that class will finish in front of the schedule. Now, the Artist may have a March 2023 release!

    The Artist will release using the Powerpass along with a progression event with you. The progression event is similar to the past Express Events they’ve had. This should help the soon-to-be Artists (or those trying another class) organize quickly for that Hanuman Guardian Raid and the Brelshaza Hard Legion Raid.

    A Lot to Look Forward To

    Players with cheap lost ark gold accounts have a lot to anticipate, as there’s still content that hasn’t been announced. Now’s the optimum time if you haven’t tried Lost Ark yet. The game recently made headlines for issuing bans to a lot of players, however, the developers quickly rectified the problem.