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Elden Ring Player Discovers New Enemy Interaction After 800 Hou

  • An Elden Ring Runes player discovers a distinctive interaction between some enemy types after working around 800 hours using the game.

    An Elden Ring player discovers a brand new interaction between enemies after playing the sport for 800 hours. Elden Ring includes a massive open world that's filled with secrets, and users continue to be discovering new elements more than a year after its launch.

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    As a good example, one fan figured out a brand new trick to find out illusory walls in Elden Ring after 700 hours. They stated that illusory walls within the catacombs of Elden Ring were missing an array of bricks at the end, whilst sharing a brief clip as proof. Now, another player comes across a distinctive enemy interaction they'd not seen before despite playing the sport for 800 hours.

    A Reddit user named IronArtorias has shared a relevant video from Elden Ring with this particular newly discovered interaction, also it opens using the player fighting the Great Wyrm Theodorix boss. The enemy has around a fourth of their health left, also it seems like the ball player will have the victory, just for them to aggro a close Giant Land Octopus. IronArtorias seems to defeat this enemy because they turn their attention to Theodoric, who looks to become fighting another opponent within the distance. Another Giant Land Octopus enters the battle simultaneously, also it too seems to catch the attention of the boss.

    The final portion of the video features a surprise fight between Great Wyrm Theodorix along with a Giant Land Octopus, as the ball player watches the 2 enemies battle it out from a distance. In the post’s title, IronArtorias states have never seen enemies interact by doing this in Elden Ring despite playing the sport for 800 hours.

    Some users within the comments section inquire about the location of the fight, with IronArtorias confirming this battle takes place within the Consecrated Snowfield region in Elden Ring. Other fans claim that they can have defeated Great Wyrm Theodorix utilizing a similar method because they successfully were able to make the boss fight the octopuses nearby. This appears to become a more popular tactic, like a few gamers suggest that Theodoric doesn't have a chance against a small group of those enemies.

    The remaining comments feature users sharing stories of how they beat Great Wyrm Theodorix within their playthrough of Elden Ring. It’ll be interesting to ascertain if this tactic can be applied elsewhere in buy elden ring runes, as users will frequently find themselves facing off against multiple enemies simultaneously.

    Elden Ring has gone out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.