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Strange Elden Ring Bug Turns Game Into a Rave Party

  • An Elden Ring Runes player shares a fascinating clip online of the graphical bug hanging around, which turns Elden Ring right into a big rave party.

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    An Elden Ring fan recently went online to share a fascinating graphical bug they encountered, which in turn causes their game to appear very similar to a colorful rave. Elden Ring continues to be out for more than a year, coupled with a wildly successful launch and subsequent performance when it comes to sales. While the sport is recognized for being developed to a higher standard of quality, you will find occasional Elden Ring bugs that slip with the cracks.

    Players have been faced with many bugs in Elden Ring, that change from comical to almost game-breaking. One example is really a bug that had Elden Ring players falling at ridiculous speeds. For the most part, the bugs within FromSoftware's latest title are pretty straightforward and do not have much effect after players initially encounter them. Other bugs cause frustration to players, particularly those that involve the different bosses scattered around Elden Ring's open world. One player popularized the internet to talk about a clip of the strange Elden Ring bug that falls into the less harmful category because it simply turns the game into a big rave party.

    Reddit user iproudlysimp shared the clip, which shows their Elden Ring turning right into a rainbow-colored mess similar to a rave. The location featured inside their clip is Nokron, among the underground cities that players can encounter throughout the journey over the lands. The bug doesn't appear to have any effect on the gameplay, instead becoming an entirely graphical glitch that turns the different surfaces and walls around the player into a variety of various neon colors. Luckily, iproudlysimp has taken the bug lightly, asking within their post's caption why their Elden Ring was suddenly turning right into a rave.

    Commenters on iproudlysimp's post matched the post's humorous tone by looking into making various jokes concerning the bug, and just how it made Elden Ring resemble an actual life rave. One commenter asks if they should have "rave-tracing," poking fun at the way the bug is heavily graphic-oriented. Another commenter says it is simply the "Radahn festival after party," referencing the in-game party held for just one of the sport's main bosses, Radahn. While many of the comments are jokes, several were actively attempting to explain what may be causing the graphical bug to ensure that iproudlysimp may repair it.

    FromSoftware typically delivers games that are notably without game-breaking bugs, and Elden RIng isn't any exception. While players have been faced with bugs since the sport's initial launch, the majority are brief and quickly fixed in later updates. Many of the glitches hanging around are even comical, for example, one that trapped an Elden Ring dragon inside a building. While the reason for iproudlysimp's rave party experience is unknown, it'll most likely be resolved prior to the next content update to cheap elden ring runes.

    Elden Ring can be obtained now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.