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Lost Ark Roadmap Update Reveals New Classes, Reworks, a New Con


    Lost Ark Gold includes a new 2023 roadmap update, as promised following the recent letter to the community from Amazon and Smilegate RPG.

    While that letter outlined some intended changes the teams want to apply later around, the updated 2023 roadmap details a few of the bigger planned changes for the following several months.

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    The Slayer advanced class is originating in May. This class works as “a female remix from the Berserker class” (having a specialty skill, Bloodlust, unique to the class). The Slayer am requested through the greater community after its release in Korea in January, that they chose to change the release order simply to bring this one towards the West earlier.

    Ebony Cube will functionally combine Boss Rush and Dimension Cube, replacing them having a new challenge to tackle waves of enemies. Also in May may be the arrival of countless progression improvements, including Knowledge Transfer, to create leveling alts easier by lacking to repeat exactly the same content just as much. The early game experience of Guardian Raids goes for a boost with free battle and what to use within the raid. They're made to ensure new players have what to use and can disappear upon leaving the raid. Endgame raiding goes for some reworks.

    In June, expect the newest continent of Elgacia, with a product level of 1460 to go in. “Kadan and Nineveh will make you Elgacia, the land of Lazeniths. What will take place in the final paradise built by Regulus?” the description asks. Well, we’ll see in June when everyone is able to begin to explore the brand-new locations. Also in June will be a brand new Abyssal Dungeon and find out the Fortunespire floors 26-50 unlocked.

    July brings the Kakul Saydon Legion Raid Inferno Mode, the standard of living updates, and Elgacia epilogue quests. Expect additional improvements and standard of living updates too.

    Finally, August will introduce a brand new 8-player Legion Raid, Akkan, the bringer of death. Or maybe a brand new Guardian Raid is much more your style? Enter Sonavel, who was previously a protector of nature and lightweight known as Levanos.

    August will even introduce the Aeromancer, which is the second Specialist advanced class. She will have the ability to manipulate the elements and use her umbrella to battle and her skills for both offense and support.

    There tend to be more details about many of these upcoming releases and much more of what to anticipate over at cheap lost ark gold.