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10 Animals Elden Ring Turns Into Terrifying Monsters

  • When you've got a world as large as Elden Ring Items, you have two enemies to grow it. And while the Lands Between retain the usual suspects, which range from human-like enemies to traditional fantasy creatures – albeit with From Software’s usual flare–Elden Ring can also be populated using what would be relatively normal creatures in real life.

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    In the Lands Between, however, they're instead monstrous beasts that will kill you hanging around and then haunt your nightmares for weeks. Here are ten animals you’ll be very glad you can’t meet in your backyard.


    Octopi in real life is already the type of freaky looking, but Elden Ring ramps that up to and including a new level. The mini versions are some of the least-threatening enemies hanging around, however, the Giant Land Octopus is actually just a writhing mass of eggs and tentacles.

    They take significantly reduced damage when hit anywhere except their beak, which makes them extremely frustrating to battle. However, they're relatively easy to stagger having a sufficiently powerful attack. As a result, Strength-based characters shouldn't have any trouble with these oversized mollusks.


    Giant Ants really are a somewhat unusual option for a fantasy world, but Elden Ring isn’t your average game. It contains many variants of those insectoid horrors, such as the Bloated Ants, which don’t attack but drop rare items when killed, and also the Shield-Headed Ants, which are almost impossible to break from the front. You can actually locate one of those ant’s heads like a shield in Nokstella, Eternal City if you would like it on your own.

    Ants will also be ridden through the Nox, although, judging through the purple glow in their eyes, it appears they might be using mind control to manage them, therefore it might not be the very best idea to test it yourself.


    Bats possess a rather negative reputation in the real world, but actually, they aren’t everything dangerous. Some of these are even type of cute – they're notorious carriers of diseases, though, so don’t go around petting them.

    Elden Ring’s bats, however, are perfectly crafted to provide those with chiroptophobia a nightmare. They attack in swarms, attempting to grab you and also drain your blood. And rather than echolocation, they simply scream damage at you.


    Most of the Monstrous Crabs within the Lands Between are just really big crabs. And while they may be intimidating, they're less dangerous compared to what they look. But some specific variants are much more dangerous.

    The Blighted Crabs possess a spit attack which will cause Death Blight buildup, that will instantly kill you if this triggers. Meanwhile, the Sliver Crab's spit causes Sleep buildup. Players will encounter Death Blight occasionally within the Lands Between; although it’s not even close to common, the Silver Crabs are in fact the only enemy within the entire game that induce Sleep (apart from copies of player characters, like Mimic Tears).


    Elden Ring’s crows exist to remind you that birds were previously dinosaurs, although these specific dinosaurs don’t appear to be feeling particularly well. That is especially true from the version in Mohgwyn Palace, which is covered in blisters.

    Real-world crows are notoriously smart animals, and monsters haven’t lost their intelligence; they'll sometimes fake a stagger, filled with the sound effect, then make use of the distraction to seize you.

    However, they cannot be that smart since they're also involved with one of Elden Ring’s best farming techniques. If you shoot one by having an arrow in the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace in Mohgwyn Palace, it'll kill itself for you personally by running right into a pit, netting you a lot more than 11,000 Runes. And any creature will end up significantly less intimidating after you’ve watched one wander aimlessly off a cliff several hundred times.


    The Lands Between possess a suspicious quantity of giant, mutated snails. It’s enough to help you think they've some kind of thematic significance, although who is able to say what that could be? You have your basic Serpent Snails, the Crystal Snails that shoot magic, and also the Spirit-Caller Snails, which could turn invisible and summon spirits to protect them.

    The most unusual (and disturbing) of these, though, are often the Skeletal Snails. They possess a full skeleton, which is a little strange, since real snails are invertebrates, suggesting these aren’t really snails whatsoever. They also make use of a giant skull his or her shell, and it’s not whatsoever clear where they got that from. It’s probably not to think about it way too hard.


    Like a lot of From Software’s projects, Elden Ring has its own fair share of badly malnourished canines. But when you will certainly discover the usual diseased, irritatingly fast dogs common within the company’s other games, the Lands Between can also be cursed using the Monstrous Dogs, using their giant heads and tiny, tyrannosaurus-like front arms.

    It’s hard to say what may have happened to those dogs that will have caused these deformities, however, it can’t happen to be pleasant. These creatures can apparently be tamed, as evidenced by the Scarlet Rot-spewing one sitting collared outside Gowry’s Shack. Gowry is secretly a horrific rot monster, though, so maybe don’t try replicating his success.


    Unlike several of the other creatures on this list, the Warhawks of Elden Ring tend to be more like cyborgs than mutants. These abnormally large birds have experienced their talons removed and substituted for literal swords.

    That can present a genuine problem for Tarnished, who don’t have some kind of ranged attack because the Warhawk's flight and erratic movements make sure they are hard to hit having a melee weapon. To make matters worse, one variant even has some kind of flamethrower mounted on their heads. How exactly the weapon works isn’t explained, however, you definitely don't desire to be standing in its way.


    When players first encounter a Giant Crayfish, they're likely to panic, visit Torrent, and book it off there as soon as they can. Then, to their great surprise, 60 % of their health will disappear when they’re hit with a stream of spit from halfway over the map.

    It works out these giant crustaceans possess a sniper rifles mounted on their heads for whatever reason. As a result, if you don't want to battle them upright – plus they often are available in groups– the best choice is to dodge, weave, and hope for the very best.


    There are regular bears in Elden Ring, but because of the other terrifying enemies you'll find, they seem less threatening than the usual bear could be in real life. Fortunately, the game a lot more than makes up for this with Runebears. Whether it’s the boss variant or even the ones you stumble across within the wild, these beasts are a lot more than just bigger bears.

    As those who have encountered a Runebear know, they're extremely aggressive and far faster than a pet that size has any to be. cheap elden ring runes present you with lots of dangerous foes, but few things within the Lands Between tend to be more terrifying than the usual house-sized bear charging toward you at Mach 10.