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Elden Ring: Where To Find Comet

  • Comet is really a powerful sorcery in Elden Ring Items that fires a spear of magical energy at the enemies. Here’s how to locate it.

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    elden ring items more basic sorceries possess the player firing a Flintstone pebble at the enemies for minimal damage. As you level up, the spells at your disposal vary greatly in damage and provide additional effects to ensure they are even more useful. Intelligence-focused builds do need to be careful when it comes to spells as well as their cast time, as longer cast times can leave them open as simple targets for enemies.

    While other spells could use very different effects, the Comet Spell sticks nearer to the roots of Glintstone magic, firing a significantly larger and much more powerful type of the Glintstone v pebble in the type of a comet. This spell includes a quick cast time while dealing massive levels of damage, which makes it an excellent selection for and magic user.

    Where To Find Comet

    Comet is situated within the school or Raya Lucaria. Before the Debate Parlor, the arena in which you fight the Red Wolf Of Radagon boss is a room with walls lined with bookshelves. In this room, look across the back right side from the wall facing the controversial parlor. There is a bookshelf that does not have any books on it. Head as much as this wall and attack it to show it as an illusion, now opening as much as a hallway. Head with the hallway to some small room having a chest in the center, open it, and loot it to obtain the Comet Spell.

    How To Use Comet

    Comet requires 52 intelligence to memorize, trying out one memory slot, and charges 24 FP to cast. This spell deals pure magic damage and may be charged up for any slightly longer cast time however for higher damage. Even with its usual cast, this spell is able to cut through enemies to manage damage to multiple at the same time, causing this to be a spell well suited for dealing with categories of enemies. Despite the high requirements and damage output, this spell includes a relatively quick cast time when compared with other higher-requirement spells. This spell may also be cast in quick succession, which makes it a great spammable spell option.

    This spell has high requirements to make use of but is extremely much worthwhile for those prepared to invest the points to have their intelligence to 52. This spell might not knock back or stun your enemies but could deal enough harm to take out the simplest enemies before they are able to reach you. The quick cast time likewise helps make this spell a good selection for builds, with some from the other powerful spell options which have long cast times, providing you with a quicker selection for more intense situations. While this spell already includes a high base damage, it may further be boosted by putting on Azur's Flintstone Crown, dealing much more damage than usual.