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10 Best Elden Ring Straight Swords, Ranked

  • When navigating Elden Ring Item's brutal world, having strong swords is essential, making weapons such as the Sword of Night and Flame essential commodities.

    Elden Ring includes a plethora of selections for players to select from when it comes to combat style. From warriors to astrologers to heroes, each player can approach the battlefield from a different angle. For those who prefer slashing and stabbing their foes, straight swords are the ideal weapon.

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    Straight swords allow players to interact with Elden Ring's extensive listing of enemies from an incredibly close range. Mastering the skill of wielding a straight sword requires strength and dexterity, however, many of the more unique weapons will demand alternate attributes like a prerequisite. No matter how far along a person is in their playthrough, a straight sword exists that's perfect for their level.

    Short Sword

    Elden Ring swordfighters will probably begin their journey having a Short Sword. It includes a decent physical attack while providing well-rounded coverage when accustomed to guard.

    Elden Ring's Short Sword boasts no features, but players can depend on it for everyone faithfully until they acquire more complex weaponry. Requiring the cheapest strength and dexterity stats for usage from any straight sword hanging around, the Short Sword is the best starter weapon for brand-new players or enthusiasts beginning another playthrough.


    New Elden Ring players searching for a simple yet reliable straight sword upgrade may need to look no beyond the Broadsword. This weapon has got the highest base physical attack of each and every straight sword in Elden Ring, whilst providing a large attack range.

    As far as Elden Ring leveling goes, players need hardly any experience to wield the Broadsword. Players just have ten points of both strength and dexterity to equip the Broadsword, also it scales based on these same statistics. The Broadsword is really a well-rounded yet powerful weapon, also it serves as a great early upgrade for sword-wielders.

    Regalia Of Eochaid

    The Regalia of Eochaid is available around Elden Ring's Limgrave. It arises from Eochaid, a fallen civilization. At first glance, its appearance suggests intense wear and deterioration, but some mistake for rust is really a catalyst to improve its usefulness towards the player.

    Elden Ring players will love the high physical and moderate magic attack damage the Regalia of Eochaid provides. Its Unique Skill involves throwing the sword, which will erupt right into a catastrophic corkscrew attack. Additionally, players who prioritize the arcane attribute will love scaling benefits.

    Warhawk's Talon

    If Elden Ring players may take down a Warhawk, they might be rewarded with having a Warhawk's Talon. This sword is really as lightweight as you possibly can due to its avian origins, and they are ideal for dexterous players. As Warhawk's Talons primarily scale track of dexterity, players who're quick on the feet can improve this sword's attack with practice.

    The Warhawk's Talon allows Elden Ring players to shred their enemies using its Unique Skill: Spinning Slash. However, even without employing anything apart from basic attacks, this sword deals a decent amount of physical damage.

    Ornamental Straight Sword

    Found at Elden Ring's Chapel of Anticipation, the Ornamental Straight Sword includes a unique mechanic for reason that it can be dual-wielded. It doesn't require any unusual attributes, so intermediate swordfighters will be able to equip it as being soon as they acquire it.

    Elden Ring's Ornamental Straight Sword deals with a strong physical attack while providing a reliable quantity of coverage while being accustomed to guard. Skilled players can utilize two Ornamental Straight Swords at the same time to defeat enemies having a Unique Skill entitled Golden Tempering.

    Carian Knight's Sword

    The Carian royalty of Elden Ring employed knights who favored this straight sword. The Carian Knight's Sword has manageable required attributes, which makes it the perfect weapon of choice for intermediate players.

    Elden Ring's Carian Knight's Sword inflicts an ideal half-and-half split of both magic and physical damage with each swing. With practice, players can utilize Carian Grandeur. This powerful skill releases a calamitous magical attack upon utilization and may be charged to improve its damage.

    Coded Sword

    Elden Ring's Coded Sword has got the most striking style of any straight sword hanging around. Its blade consists entirely of glowing glyphs, adding to its incredibly lightweight. Although it supplies a fair quantity of coverage when it comes to guarding, this sword can completely go through shields using its Unique Skill: Unblockable Blade.

    While most straight swords in Elden Ring are equipped for physical combat, the Coded Sword deals only holy damage. Faith may be the only statistic players have to wield this weapon, which makes it ideal for sword-wielding players with low dexterity and strength.

    Lazuli Glintstone Sword

    The Lazuli Conspectus scholars of Elden Ring favor the Lazuli Glintstone Sword. A magical weapon, the Lazuli Flintstone Sword deals both magic and physical damage, but magic users are going to be pleased to realize that it favors magical attacks.

    One of Elden Ring's more uniquely constructed weapons, the Lazuli Flintstone Sword is fashioned from wood. Its form was likely carved from a sorcerer's staff, perhaps lending to its proclivity for magical attacks. The flintstone worked into its hilt allows players to make use of flintstone sorcery to achieve an advantage in combat.

    Sword Of St. Trina

    Those well-versed in Elden Ring's extensive lore might recognize the name, St. Trina. No one can describe their look of them with any quantity of certainty. The only thing players learn about St. Trina is they disappear, abandoning a sword that may inflict sleep on unsuspecting enemies.

    Elden Ring players can expect a strong physical attack in the Sword of St. Trina, along with its unique power to render adversaries unconscious. Each swing will even cause magic damage, which makes it a force to become reckoned with around the battlefield.

    Sword Of Night And Flame

    One of the most legendary weapons of Elden Ring, the Sword of Night and Flame is capable of doing devastating damage. Players will have to put in a number of hours to satisfy the required attributes with this straight sword but are going to be rewarded with having a wildly powerful weapon.

    elden ring items Sword of Night and Flame inflicts three separate kinds of damage with each swing: physical, magical, and fire. No other sword can dish out a lot more than two kinds of attack, causing this to be a weapon extremely beneficial in the hands of skilled players. Players with this particular sword equipped can send a wave of fire towards their enemies, as well as perform Night Comet Sorcery.