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Elden Ring Lore: The Beauty of Mystery

  • Like many gamers all over the world, I’ve found myself enraptured by Elden Ring Items. It has exceeded my expectations (bugs aside) and I’ve already sunk a great 100 hours into my first play-through. With the help of George R. R. Martin, FromSoft has hit the nail around the head when it comes to immersion. If you’ve read some of his novels you’ll think it is easy to feel his influence – and not simply by the ungodly quantity of bare feet on female characters (seriously, allow me to wear a pleasant skirt and shoes simultaneously).

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    The game’s open world has allowed for additional environmental storytelling than has had you seen before inside a Soulslike game – and that’s an achievement alone, thinking about the series relies on subtle hints and world-building. The strategies of the Lands Between are hidden away, waiting patiently that you should unearth them.

    Thankfully, the primary bosses of the game are very chatty throughout their cutscenes, making it simple to understand the fundamental storyline. You must find all the great runes and go ahead and take the throne as Elden Lord. That alone might be enough for many players to delve in and finish their quest, but I required to know more. I wanted to understand why the planet was in this type of state – that which was it like before. How did the folks of the Lands Between life before the corruption from the Demi-Gods? What’s the offer with those dastardly two-fingers?

    This knowledge could be pieced together by reading item descriptions and puzzling out the cryptic things various NPCs say on the way. There’s a particular thrill in it when you reach a lightbulb moment also it suddenly all starts to make sense. There are countless tiny lore tidbits hidden away, and when you do decide to, you could have the fun of putting the puzzle together on your own.

    Or you can view VaatiVidya to get it done. Once I’ve unlocked every ending (I believe you will find 4, but I might be wrong), I’ll be marathoning every video he’s made on Elden Ring to date. I’m hoping my theories are correct – I’ve been thinking almost nonstop about what could have been. I have an inkling this game is related to Dark Souls in some manner. Perhaps a spiritual successor? There are a lot of references to the fireplace, it can’t be considered a coincidence. Or, Miyazaki just really includes a thing for flames and I’m reading way too much into the subtleties of all things.

    The hidden lore and mysteries provide the game with an insane quantity of replayability and the fandom alive. Players are burning with questions, going to forums, and starting conversations around the what-ifs. Hell, the Dark Souls 3 community is nearly just as active as I first remember it — you never know how long Elden Ring can last. It’s exciting to consider what will be unearthed through the hackers who delve into the game's code to obtain the deepest of secrets. I’ll be keeping track of Zullie’s Twitter for a long period.

    The sense of community that FromSoft achieves using their games is definitely an asset that could be sometimes overlooked, but I think it’s vital that you give credit where it’s due. We all want to be considered a part of something, by overcoming the difficulties this game presents, we’re all together on the same journey, suffering and succeeding as you.

    If anything, this just makes me even hungrier for DLC. Perhaps the insufficient in-your-face storytelling is actually just a marketing tactic to trick story-hungry fools for example into spending more income. I can’t be angry about this; it works.

    I’d like to hear any theories other players have. Or really, anything concerning the game. I could discuss it all night, but I’d hate to become the one to spoil the lore for any newer player.

    That being said, allow me to know what your elden ring items journey continues to be like to date!