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Elden Ring Player Gets Sweet Revenge After Losing PvP Match

  • After struggling with a humiliating defeat in Elden Ring Items PVP, a person manages to create a comeback and earn that satisfying revenge.

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    One Elden Ring player reaches bask in the satisfaction of sweet vengeance because they win against a few players they previously lost against. Elden Ring PvP could be a mixed bag, particularly when players enter into the exploits. While some exploits are actually gone because of Elden Ring's recent update, that's not keeping it from still being a frustrating experience for many players, because there are still builds and tactics players use to win nearly every time. That's why PvP may also be a rewarding experience, as when a person finally gets that win, it may feel great, as seen with this particular player.

    There are lots of builds that may dominate the battlefields of both Elden Ring's PvE and PvP. Magic is very a popular choice, with lots of not even having to get up close and private to deal serious damage. Recently, whips have grown to be more viable because of the recent Elden Ring update, in addition to a slew of other weapon choices. However, almost always there is the classic build that may deal heavy levels of damage with just one press of the mouse, and that is the Greatsword build. If the stats are put just right, a person can create a majority of an opponent's health disappear.

    It was this Greatsword build that led to the ball player's death. In a post on r/Eldenring, the user truly uploaded a relevant video of two encounters they had with the same players in Elden Ring's PvP. In the first, the ball player is instantly killed with a Greatsword blow, and also the two opponents go to tea-bag the ball player's body, which should have been humiliating. The opponent that killed them was while using the Colossal Sword known as the Greatsword, which has been known to manage plenty of damage using its attacks.

    The 2nd part of the video though happens when the Elden Ring player gets their revenge. Reportedly half an hour after the original encounter, there is another between your same players. In this second part, the ball player gets aggressive using their dual scythes, employing their jump attack to quickly finish the host as well as kill their great sword-wielding buddy, despite still getting hit through the great sword's heavy attack, dealing enough damage, although not enough to kill.

    It's difficult to go up against Greatsword builds in Elden Ring because if the ball player knows their stuff, they even take down the kind of Malenia with just a Greatsword. However, it feels great to increase against such tough builds and win, especially after this type of defeat because of this. Sometimes, it just takes the will to help keep going and fighting until victory is achieved, the industry theme with lots of these souls likes.

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