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Elden Ring: Every Limgrave Boss, Location, & Item Drop

  • Limgrave may be the first location that Elden Ring Items players arrive in after leaving the Chapel of Anticipation. After activating the First Step Site of Lost Grace, Tarnished will discover themselves encompassed by lush green grass, golden trees, and bushes that offer many Elden Ring Crafting Materials, not to mention the sight from the illustrious Erdtree far coming.

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    Although Limgrave does appear peaceful and filled with innocent wildlife, it hides multiple sinister enemies which are lurking around. Some bosses are hidden in plain sight, while some require a little bit of exploring to achieve. Defeating bosses rewards players with useful items that’ll surely enable them to in their Elden Ring journey.

    Updated March 26th, 2023 by Jacob Buchalter: Elden Ring continues to be out for more than a year now, and the game continues to be constantly being discussed in the gaming ecosystem. And, following the Shadows from the Erdtree DLC announcement, it's only been popular recently. With that in mind, let's take a glance back and help some new players who are just engaging in the game as well as some veterans who're coming back to the sport for a refresher prior to the DLC arriving. Below is really a list of every boss found within the Limgrave region from the Lands Between, the things they drop, and where they're located.

    All Limgrave Bosses, Locations, And Drops In Elden Ring

    Limgrave could be divided into five sections; Stormveil Castle, Main Limgrave, Mistwood, Stormhill, and Weeping Peninsula. There really are a total of 32 bosses scattered around its corners, and every one of these bosses varies widely in their difficulty, rewards, and atmosphere.

    Grafted Scion


    3,200 Runes

    Golden Beast Crest Shield

    Ornamental Straight Sword

    This Grafted Scion is situated inside the Chapel of Anticipation, a place actually on a separate island simply to the southwest of Stormveil Castle. The Scion may be the tutorial boss that each player must face (or even more likely, die as a result of) before getting to the 'real' game. The boss drops 3,200 Runes, Golden Beast Crest Shield, and Ornamental Straight Sword upon defeat. If, like the majority of players, one finds themselves not able to defeat the Grafted Scion, don't be concerned about having to start a new save file to test it again or anything like this, as players can return to el born area later on within the game with the Four Belfries​​​​​.

    Additionally, a Grafted Scion can look like a standard elite enemy in Stormveil Castle, however, it only rewards Runes. From that point on, the Scions do appear hardly ever in certain locations, but never again like a boss.

    The Soldier Of Godrick


    400 Runes

    The Soldier of Godrick may be the second boss that players encounter inside the tutorial area within the Stranded Graveyard, also it functions as a way to test that players were watching the tutorial and comprehend the basics of Elden Ring's combat. Because it's only a basic soldier that players might find hundreds of throughout the sport, it only rewards 400 Runes. after being defeated. It is undoubtedly the easiest boss within the game, and when players didn't walk through a fog gate to confront the Soldier of Godrick it wouldn't even really count as a boss.

    Margit, The Fell Omen


    12,000 Runes

    Talisman Pouch

    Margit, The Fell Omen may be the first "things got real" boss of Elden Ring, as every great Soulslike game has, as he's much more aggressive than other bosses as much as this point there are a lot of moves to understand in order to survive. Killing him is needed if players desire to open Stormveil Castle, though this absolutely isn't the last time the Tarnished is going to be seeing him. In any case, beating Margit rewards 12,000 Runes along with a Talisman Pouch. Sure, players can completely circumvent Stormveil Castle and go around it to advance without killing Margit, but they'll end up without an extra Talisman slot when they do so.

    Godrick The Grafted


    20,000 Runes

    Godric k's Great Rune

    Remembrance from the Grafted

    Godrick the Grafted may be the first Sharbearer that players will probably encounter, and he's the primary boss of Stormveil Castle. And, although Godrick the Grafted is vital to the story like a Shardbearer, he’s actually an optional boss that could be skipped (like Margit) if players go around Stormveil Castle and cross the broken bridge instead. Godrick, for those his monologuing and "worldbuilding" about being the god of all that's golden, only drops 20,000 Runes, in addition to Godrick's Great Rune, and also the Remembrance from the Grafted, which could be used to create something called Legendary Armaments.

    Stormfoot & Impaler Catacomb's Erdtree Burial Watchdogs

    Stormfoot Catacombs Watchdog Rewards:

    1,300 Runes

    Noble Sorcerer Ashes

    Impaler's Catacombs Watchdog Rewards:

    2,400 Runes

    Demi-Human Ashes

    Throughout the Lands Between exists multiple Erdtree Burial Watchdogs guarding the various underground catacombs. In the western areas of Limgrave, just northwest of the Church of Elleh, the very first Erdtree Burial Watchdog could be found after Stormfoot Catacombs. While it moves very mechanically, players shouldn't take this to mean the Watchdog is predictable, so approach it carefully. Once defeated, players will get a meager 1,300 Runes and also the Noble Sorcerer Ashes.

    The second one may be the boss from the Impaler's Catacombs, which are southeast of the Bridge of Sacrifice within the Weeping Peninsula. 2,400 Runes and also the Demi-Human Ashes receive upon beating that one.

    Crucible Knight


    2,100 Runes

    Aspect from the Crucible: Tail

    Most of the time the Crucible Knights are encountered they're just, frankly overly-aggressive, normal enemies which are scattered all over the world of Lands Between, similar to the Black Knights within the original Dark Souls. However, much like with a lot of bosses in Elden Ring, enemies who were originally introduced as bosses become common enemies in later areas. This Crucible Knight is encountered like a boss, trapped within the Stormhill Evergaol within the western areas of Limgrave. Once defeated, the Tarnished can get 2,100 Runes and also the Elden Ring Incantation, Aspects from the Crucible: Tail.

    Beastman Of Farum Azula


    1,000 Runes

    Flamedrake Talisman

    The Beastman of Farum Azula is situated inside the Groveside Cave within the southwestern areas of Limgrave and is really a perfect illustration of an enemy who's powerful enough to become a boss now, but is only a common enemy later because the Beastmen would be the basic mobs from the late-game Farum Azula area. The cave is quite easy, not surprisingly since it’s an early-game area, and The Beastman of Farum Azula drops 1,000 Runes and also the Flamedrake Talisman when defeated.

    Bell Bearing Hunter (Warmaster's Shack)


    2,700 Runes

    Bone Peddler's Bell Bearing

    The Bell Bearing Hunters could be found in a variety of locations through the Lands Between, plus they only appear at night in locations that merchants and instructors commonly occupy throughout the day. One of them spawns at Warmaster’s Shack east of Stormhill Shack.

    These are optional bosses and therefore are difficult enough to create some players ignore them entirely, so be ready for any tough fight. But, when the Tarnished seems to win they'll get the Bone Peddler's Bell Bearing in addition to 2,700 Runes.

    Stormhill & Weeping Peninsula's Deathbirds

    Stormhill Deathbird Rewards:

    2,800 Runes

    Blue-Feathered Branchsword Talisman

    Weeping Peninsula Deathbird Rewards:

    3,900 Runes

    Sacrificial Axe

    Like many Elden Ring bosses, Deathbirds really are a type of boss that appears many times. In fact, they're actually incredibly similar to the Bell-Bearing Hunters as both bosses only appear during the night in specific locations. Two Deathbirds could be found in Limgrave; one out of Stormhill east of Warmaster’s Shack, and another south of the Callu Baptismal Church in Weeping Peninsula.

    The Stormhill Deathbird drops 2,800 Runes and also the Blue-Feathered Branchsword Talisman, as the Weeping Peninsula one drops 3,900 Runes and Sacrificial Axe.

    Black Knife Assassin


    1,800 Runes

    Assassin's Crimson Dagger Talisman

    The Black Knife Assassins really is a well-known enemy in Elden Ring, as these would be the same assassins accountable for the Night of Black Knives, a celebration in which Godwyn the Golden, a demi-god by all accounts, was slain. They appear in a variety of regions, most of the time as optional bosses. And, one of them could be fought in the end from the Deathtouched Catacombs west from the Saintbridge Site of Lost Grace in Limgrave. Defeating the Black Knife Assassin rewards 1,600 Runes and also the Elden Ring Talisman, Assassin's Crimson Dagger.

    Guardian Golem


    1,700 Runes

    Blue Dancer Charm Talisman

    The Guardian Golem may be the final boss from the Highroad Cave in elden ring items and it is another boss players should quickly get accustomed to fighting because they pop up pretty frequently as regular enemies afterward. The cave itself could be reached by jumping on the bridge close to the Saintbridge Site of Grace and heading north. Additionally, the Cave is definitely an odd mini-dungeon filled with Wolves, Giant Bats, and Giant Land Octopi.