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Elden Ring Death Count Revealed GameSpot News

  • Bandai Namco is celebrating the very first anniversary of the game by having an infographic revealing some of the very first year's most impressive statistics.

    It feels as though just yesterday Elden Ring Items was hitting store shelves and overtaking the world, but actually, which was just over last year. Bandai Namco is celebrating the very first anniversary of the game by having an infographic revealing some of the very first year's most impressive statistics, why don't we dive into them?

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    Elden Ring players have left more than 9 billion times, with 69% of these deaths originating from enemies or NPCs. 15% of deaths were because of status effects, 14% from falling, and just 2% of player deaths were brought on by other players.

    Players also have attempted nearly six billion boss battles in the very first year, with Malenia, Blade of Miquella receiving the most attempts at 329 million. Margit The Fell Omen ranks second with 281 million, then Limgrave Tree Sentinel at 277 million, Radagon from the Golden Order at 148 million, and Starscourge Radahn at 139 million.

    Over one billion summons happen to be called by Elden Ring players, with 88 percent of these being co-op focused instead of 12 percent invasion summons. Bandai Namco also ranked the very best five casted spells, with Rock Sling being typically the most popular, as well as the very best five incantations used, with Blessing Of The Erdtree topping their email list.

    Those are a handful of gigantic numbers so as someone that normally skips the FromSoft games, this is an honor it's my death to become a part of that 9 billion. If only I also had the privilege of summoning Let Me Solo Her, the legendary Elden Ring player noted for helping others defeat Malenia.

    He’s onto bigger things now, like challenging himself using the mod that replaces all enemies using the famed Blade of Miquella.

    This Malenia mod is made through the Item and Enemy Randomizer mod, and players can pick specific settings like scaling enemy health insurance and damage. It also appears like Malenias within the mod will also be very aggro, as pointed out above by Let Me Solo Her, and can hunt players until they reach a Site of Grace.

    Let Me Solo Her ended the very first stream if you take down Magma Wyrm Malenia and Draconic Malenia and it is planning on continuing within the near future.

    Past players have successfully cleared a mod where things are Malenia before, with YouTuber Bushy streaming an effective completion.

    Let Me Solo Her streamed his first attempt on YouTube, and he listed his goals as no leveling vigor, obtaining the Jar Helm--Let Me Solo Her's signature accessory--and beating the sport.

    But that's enough elden ring items talk for the time being. Let's discuss another game with swords and magic: Final Fantasy 16. According to a Famitsu interview using the game’s director and producer, FF16 will require around 70 to 80 hours to 100%. Director Hiroshi Takai told the website, "You’ll begin to see the entirety of Clive’s lifestyle, and the sport will probably take about 35 hours to pay off. If we include side content, it may be double that amount.”

    While there's plenty to complete if you want to earn 100% completion, Square Enix desired to ensure that busy players could get to the end of the game within a reasonable period of time.