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10 Locations Where Elden Ring's Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC Could

  • There remains a lot of mystery regarding Elden Ring Runes Items Shadow in the Erdtree, but there are lots of possible locations where the DLC could take place.

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    After 12 long months of waiting, Elden Ring fans have recently been rewarded with confirmation in regards to the game's upcoming DLC, Shadow in Eritrea. FromSoftware, the developer behind Elden Ring, is recognized for producing top-tier post-release content, and so the expectations all over the DLC are sky-high.

    Despite the excitement regarding Shadow in the Erdtree, you will discover very few clues in regard to the content within the expansion. The single promotional image released alongside has left fans with an increase of questions than answers, many of which involve the undisclosed locations that will be included in the expansion. However, after analyzing the sport's item descriptions as well as the mysterious good reputation for the Lands Between, several possibilities emerge

    The Mind Of Miquella

    Shadow in the Erdtree could take devote a number of different areas, but greater than any other option, your mind of Miquella seems probable. Although just a little abstract, there's lots of in-game evidence to assert that a dreaming Miquella could give you the launch for Elden Ring's first expansion.

    Much like his parents (Marika and Radagon), Miquella also possesses another identity — Saint Trina, a figure deeply associated with dreaming. In addition, the Empyrean is viewed as slumbering within the cocoon through the Tarnished's fight with Mohg. These factors, combined with the fact that Miquella is pictured inside the promotional image for Shadow in the Erdtree, ensure it is entirely possible the Tarnished will visit his mind in the near future.

    The Badlands

    When Marika banished her first king consort, Godfrey, within the Lands Between, he returned to the mysterious area where he was raised: the Badlands. This location hosts all Tarnished before their spirits are guided for the Erdtree, a proven fact that has prompted many to hope due to the inclusion inside the upcoming Shadow in the Erdtree DLC

    Unfortunately, information in regards to the Badlands is sparse in Elden Ring. Nothing in-game implies that Shadow in the Erdtree will require to devote the region, but given its importance for the Tarnished's journey, it definitely is an option.

    The Land Of Reeds

    Keeping in line with FromSoftware's trend of including Japanese-inspired locations inside their games, Elden Ring references the samurai-filled Land of Reeds many times through the Lands Between. Several characters hail within the region, plus a wide array of items present inside the game possess descriptions that help paint a picture of its landscape.

    The exact location of the Land of Reeds remains unclear. However, the similarities involving the landscape seen in Shadow from Erdtree's promotional material as well as the item descriptions in the Land of Reeds declare that more information may be inbound in the near future.


    Spread throughout Elden Ring's starting area can be a group of mercenaries known as Kaiden Sellswords. As stated inside the Kaiden Sellsword Spirit Ash description, these Viking-like figures hail in the land in "the mountaintops in the wintry north" named Kaiden.

    Since Kaiden can not be found inside the Mountaintop in the Giants area, it's safe to visualize the settlement lying somewhere from Lands Between. Shadow in the Erdtree will most likely not take the Tarnished toward the house of those mercenaries, there is however just enough mystery surrounding its spot for it to become a remote possibility


    Elden Ring mentions numerous strange lands not contained in-game, like the original home of Elemer in the Briar, Eochaid. Described as an inferior, long-vanished domain in the foreign land, Eochaid is one of the not many locations confirmed to exist from Lands Between.

    With the status in the Erdtree in flux through the endgame of Elden Ring, FromSoftware might look from Lands Between for your setting of Shadow in the Erdtree. Eochaid might be a long shot, but it's as good a guess as always should the DLC venture away from the sport's current boundaries.

    Farum Azula

    When the Tarnished are transported for the Crumbling Farum Azula, they come to a land that exists from normal conventions of space and time. This area was created within the remnants of the lost civilization — the one which potentially worshipped Dragonlord Placidusax — that was caught inside the tornados seen within the region.

    Since FromSoftware includes a good reputation for utilizing their DLC to deliver players using the timelines from the games, it could make sense to enable them to show the Tarnished the Crumbling Farum Azula's former glory. Elden Ring's dragons in addition to their society are almost a whole mystery, and this option could shed some much-needed light on trading.

    The Lands Between Before The Shattering

    As with lots of FromSoftware games, Elden Ring's setting oozes a dense, ambiguous history that begs being meticulously explored. There are countless allusions to prior civilizations, characters, and events with the Lands Between, prompting players to wonder about the events that precede the Tarnished's journey to becoming Elden Lord.

    One approach to explore the good reputation of the Lands Between should be to simply send the Tarnished back in time to enable them to see themselves. While the avenue for completing this isn't immediately clear, the dreaming minds of characters like Fia and Miquella might help provide a detailed picture of the realm's past.

    The Lands Between After The Defeat Of The Elden Beast

    While many players possess an interest to understand what goes on prior to the events of elden ring items, many more, possess an interest to understand what goes on after Elden Ring's conclusion. With the Erdtree both in flames or born anew, the state in the Lands Between was not more uncertain.

    Shadow from Erdtree's promotional material includes a picture from Erdtree that appears promising since the once-beautiful tree has changed into a gnarled, gold-seeping version of its former self. This, along with using the name from the DLC itself, claims the expansion performs as an epilogue for your iconic landmark.

    The Moon

    Depending on the player's choices in Elden RIng, they may be able to reach the "Age of Stars" ending and conclude their game due to their consort to Ranni the Witch. The pair travels away within the Lands Between and heads for the Moon, ushering in the new age that seemingly ends the cycle of birth reliant upon the Erdtree.

    Assuming this ending can be a canonical possibility, your Moon could very well be inside the player's future. Relating the desolate landscape in the Moon to the flowing fields shown in Shadow from Erdtree's promotional material is difficult. Still, because of the inconsistent relationship between some time to space inside the Lands Between, it's not out of the question.

    The Stars

    Ranni the Witch exerts dominion inside the Moon, and also the universe of Elden Ring seems to expand far beyond that. Each of the game's gods is presented as originating within the sky itself, utilizing their name — Outer Gods — as well as the appearance in the Elden Beast suggesting they are celestial entities themselves.

    Radahn, Ranni, Astel, the Outer Gods, the Alabaster Lords, and countless others are associated with space, so you will discover plenty of explanations for why the developers of elden ring runes might choose to explore the location in the near future. Although nothing directly implies that Shadow in the Erdtree will explore anywhere from Lands Between, Miquella's disdain for Outer Gods helps it be a plausible option.