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Genshin Impact Leak Reveals More Information About Kirara

  • A new Genshin Impact leak gives additional information about an upcoming new character named Kirara who's expected to join the roster in update 3.7.

    A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed additional information about a brand new character who's expected to join the roster within the upcoming months. The game keeps expanding its listing of playable characters every couple of weeks using the Pyro user Dehya being the newest addition within the ongoing update 3.5.

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    The second part of Genshin Impact version 3.5 will even add another character, the Cryo user Mika, who'll appear alongside the 2 five-star characters, Shenhe and Ayaka. Even though Mika hasn't even arrived yet, multiple leaks have previously given more information in regards to a new character who'll be released during update 3.7.

    Over the final couple of weeks, numerous rumors happen to hint at a new Geo character named Momoka who had been previously rumored to possess a five-star rarity. However, new information from credible leakers like Team China said she's called Kirara and Momoka only agreed to be a name mentioned within the leaked files. Players have discovered a way to read the new name by utilizing Wanderer's rename mechanic. At the end of Sumeru's Archon Quests, players have the option to provide a nickname to Wanderer and HoYoverse confirmed he cannot be named by any pre-existing or future character. While the quest accepted Momoka as a nickname, it refused the name Kirara which led many players to think that this is going to be her final name.

    Recent leaks have previously revealed the brand new character's model with a lot of cat-like features. However, her final version might be a bit different because the model art was early. Another credible leaker has additionally debunked the prior rumors concerning the character's element and rarity.

    Instead, to be a five-star character, Kirara will in reality have a lower four-star rarity. This means that update 3.7 could still introduce a brand new five-star towards the roster alongside her. The new character will have a way to use the Dendro element which came as a surprise to a lot of fans because the game already confirmed two new characters which use this element for Genshin Impact update 3.6.

    The game officially announced that Baizhu and Kaveh will arrive within the upcoming update, but they are likely to be spread over the 2 banner cycles, much like Dehya and Mika. Baizhu will arrive within the first banner cycle that ought to drop around April 17, a minimum of according to HoYoverse's usual update schedule.

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