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Genshin Impact: New 5-Star Character Momoka May Be A Lifesaver

  • Genshin Impact’s new 5-star character Momoka has leaked and, based on the details, she might be a great addition to team comps.

    Genshin Impact’s new 5-star character Momoka may be considered a lifesaver for a lot of different team comps, based on new leaks about her. Momoka’s design description and her Vision type had previously been leaked, indicating that they would be considered a lady with feline aspects along with a Geo Vision. In addition to that, she allegedly comes from the region of Inazuma. Very little information about her had reached the open-world RPG community, but new Momoka leaks shed more light on her behalf.

    It is uncertain when Genshin Impact’s new 5-star Momoka is going to be added to the sport as a playable character seeing that they have not been seen as NPC. Of course, she could debut simultaneously being an NPC within the story along with a featured drop within the limited-time character banners in Genshin Impact. She is likely going to be added after Version 3.6 because the confirmed new characters for the following update are Baizhu and Kaveh. Seeing how her leaks continue to be based on descriptions instead of actual footage, it's also possible she may arrive even later.

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    Genshin Impact’s Momoka May Be A Geo Shielder

    Genshin Impact’s 5-star character Momoka may be considered a Geo sword user with concentrates on shielding them. The leaks indicate that her Elemental Skill includes a tap along with a hold version, similar to Zhongli’s Dominus Lapidis. If both versions provide Geo shields in Genshin Impact, players could have a decent replacement for Zhongli or Noelle. How it may ultimately work, however, continues to be unknown. It is not confirmed that they will be considered a 5-star character and her speculated tier may change when she arrives in the sport.

    Will Momoka Be Better Than Zhongli In Genshin Impact?

    It is difficult to determine whether Genshin Impact’s new 5-star character Momoka is going to be better compared to the main Geo shielder in the sport at the moment, Zhongli. The Geo Archon from Liyue includes solid expertise which makes him a simple choice for teams seeking protection. His Elemental Skill cooldown is very short and building him to enhance his shield strength can also be easy, even when there are few weapon options. Nonetheless, Zhongli in Genshin Impact is the greatest option for granting shields to party members.

    If Genshin Impact’s Momoka is a 5-star Geo shielder, she might be Zhongli’s first competition to date since Noelle is hardly as much as the task. Provided Momoka’s Elemental Skill results in a satisfying shield, that could just be enough to rival the Geo Archon. She might even surpass him in popularity because of her design. According to illustrations shared by SagiriShape on Twitter, which have been created according to description leaks, Momoka includes a young female physique with long blonde hair, blue clothing, and ornaments in her hair making it seem like she's cat ears, despite having regular human ears.

    With the possibility to be among the best Geo characters in Genshin Impact, the brand new 5-star character Momoka continues to be, allegedly, a work happening. As such, she can also be subject to change, across all fronts, including Vision type, used weapon category, and even expertise. Momoka has still yet to become confirmed as a planned character for Genshin Impact by developer HoYoverse, however, it may only be considered a matter of time before that occurs.