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Dragonflight Season 2 Best Raid Healers, DPS & Tanks

  • How’s the problem in the raid following the patch Dragonflight WoW10.0.7 update? Today, we’re likely to check how everything has been within the Dragonflight 10.0.7 raid about the DPS performance. The Death Knights did significantly worse, the entire fall down toward the bottom of Assassination Rogue, Elemental, and Enhancement Shaman both fell with a lot of ranks. There was the Retribution Paladin suddenly doing far better and then the Buffs likely to Warriors likely to Shadow Priest and likely to Devastation Evoker which doing significantly better compared towards the start of this tier. Next, we're likely to break down the Dragonflight season 2 raid popularity list, ranking the very best DPS, healer, and tank specs for 10.0.7.

    WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Best Raid DPS, Healer & Tank - Raid Popularity List For Dragonflight Season 2

    As for the problem at the moment probably the most notable thing would be that the Retribution Paladin crashed and burned, suddenly Ret Paladin is not doing nearly as well as a couple of weeks ago. Then again most Ret Paladin players continue to be hoping a lot for the changes arriving in patch 10.0.7 that will significantly change and right now it seems like significantly empower the spec for that upcoming season. Other significant changes were the hunter buffs. There are also some more Hunter Buffs arriving in 10.0.7, but right now there has been a Resurgence of three Hunter specs simultaneously.

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    Dragonflight 10.0.7 Raid Performances

    As we all know, 10.0.7 is likely to adjust Neltharax, the epic bow for Hunters dropping from Raszageth and Blizzard has decided to fix the special effect of Neltharax as well as in return provide a compensation buff to Hunters. Compensation buff that will end up still as being a flat buff to any or all three Hunter specs particularly still to Beast Mastery Hunter. So definitely looking great for hunters simply because they haven't even received that buff yet. This adjusts using the plus 5% more damage done to any or all three Hunter specs and they're now doing significantly currently better. Also, some a peek back towards the single target towards the boss damage made by specs to determine once again Beast Mastery Hunter at the very top. This is likely to be particularly interesting because Beast Mastery Hunter is also likely to get buffed in single target damage in Dragonflight 10.0.7. After all, they are already the better-performing single target spec. Now, read our Dragonflight 10.0.7 raid DPS, healer & tank ranking.

    WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Raid DPS Popularity

    1. Havoc - 58324

    2. Beast Mastery - 49247

    3. Balance - 38006

    4. Frost - 35049

    5. Windwalker - 34403

    6. Demonology - 33336

    7. Shadow - 31504

    8. Marksmanship - 31039

    9. Unholy - 30444

    10. Subtley - 29327

    11. Fury - 28083

    12. Devastation - 27942

    13. Arms - 27409

    14. Retribution - 22552

    15. Outlaw - 21241

    16. Destruction - 18433

    17. Feral - 13574

    18. Fire - 12916

    19. Affliction - 12881

    20. Elemental - 10454

    21. Assassination - 9322

    22. Arcane - 7010

    23. Frost - 6106

    24. Survival - 2429

    The performance of the spec in a given encounter does not have much related to its popularity. Best ways to show this are for instance Balance Druid still being comfortably within the top 3 on most popular specs in WoW Dragonflight despite not necessarily ever being near the top of performance. There can also be then Frost Mage extremely popular because Mage itself is popular even if this tier Mage is not particularly strong since Demonology has dropped off by a great deal in performance its popularity has remained extremely high. Once again, overturn is true too if some niche specs do well, their popularity isn't increasing by an excessive amount. For example, despite Feral Druid doing very well, the steer their popularity continues to be quite low.

    WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Raid Healer Popularity

    1. Preservation - 48308

    2. Restoration - 46591

    3. Holy Priest - 33597

    4. Holy Paladin - 25664

    5. Restoration - 19952

    6. Mistweaver - 10873

    7. Discipline - 6988

    On this WoW Dragonflight season 2 healer raid popularity list, we still saw Preservation Evoker and Restoration Druid topping the charts of popularity, having a significant gap. Almost basically a 50% gap between Holy Priest and Holy Paladin. In the middle, another gap down within the bottom three, Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, and Discipline Priest. What is interesting is the fact that in 10.0.7, Holy Paladin is likely to receive a significant rework towards the general tree of Paladin that will also be a buff to Holy Paladin too. Restoration Shaman is likely to receive quite the rework to its talent trees. Both the general one as well as the spec-specific one. It's likely to be interesting to determine if both Resto Shaman and Holy Paladin will grow increasingly in popularity after Dragonflight patch 10.0.7 to obtain close in anticipation of 10.1. Meanwhile, you can excuse Discipline, if Holy Priest is popular. Likely, Discipline won't be.

    Ranking WoW Dragonflight Best 10.0.7 Healers, DPS & Tanks

    The following percentages are showing how likely are you currently spec likely to die in Raid. The higher their ranks are, the simpler they are likely to die. On the other hand, the low percentages are, the greater they are likely to die.

    Dragonflight Best 10.0.7 Healer Specs

    1. Mistweaver - 41.24%

    2. Discipline - 40.08%

    3. Holy Priest - 38.94%

    4. Restoration Druid - 35.40%

    5. Preservation - 34.88%

    6. Restoration Warlock - 33.65%

    7. Holy Paladin - 25.05%

    For Mistweaver, regardless of the several levels of buffs and quality-of-life improvements that Blizzard attempted to give Mistweaver within the past weeks, the past months, it doesn't look like it had any impact on the popularity of Mistweaver at the very least within the raid. Perhaps it could also have to be with them not being excellent or not being excellent at staying alive since this is the death possibility of your spec when you go into a Mythic raid boss. This is both if you're wiping or if you're killing the boss, fundamental essentials percentage likelihood of your spec dying. Surprisingly, Holy Priest may be the least prone to die, along with Restoration and Preservation Evoker for the bottom. At the top, you've got a gap for Discipline and Mistweaver Monk despite both of them also being minimal played specs.

    Dragonflight Best 10.0.7 DPS Specs

    1. Retribution - 43.98

    2. Devastation - 41.78

    3. Marksmanship - 15.50

    4. Survival - 40.39%

    5. Arms - 40.09

    6. Feral - 40.01

    7. Arcane - 39.80

    8. Shadow - 39.36

    9. Windwalker - 39.19

    10. Frost - 39.01

    11. Balance - 38.86

    12. Beast Mastery - 38.57%

    13. Enhancement - 37.89

    Elemental - 37.15

    Fury - 37.00

    Frost - 35.43

    Fire - 33.54

    Subtley - 33.54

    Havoc - 33.53

    Destruction - 32.62

    Assassination - 32.00

    Unholy - 31.72

    Affliction - 30.46

    Demonology - 30.28

    Outlaw - 28.37

    With the urban legends on, using the memes, now we have within the top three on most dying specs Marksmanship Hunters, the so-called Hunters by default too as Retribution Paladin. Also within the middle to accomplish the Trifecta on most likely-to-die specs, you will find the new spec, the taste of the month re-rolling characters going Devastation Evoker, despite also Evoker being quite agile and quite quick to maneuver and to dodge mechanics, etc. But within the raid, they still die a lot more compared to the usual suspects of tackiness Rogues. You have Warlocks notoriously very tiny, too as Havoc Demon Hunters using their very high mobility, plus high leech and self-sustain, therefore it is quite tough to kill them. Towards the top from the most prone to die, you might also need more squishy specs or even more immobile specs like Shadow Priest for instance, being one from the more liable to be dying inside a raid encounter.

    Dragonflight Best 10.0.7 Tank Specs

    1. Protection Warrior - 37.61%

    2. Guardian Druid - 35.25%

    3. Protection Paladin - 33.28%

    4. Brewmaster - 28.72%

    5. Vengeance - 28.27%

    6. Blood - 23.93

    Tanks aren't nearly as essential as the rest of the group because tanks tend to be more liable to die because of boss mechanics. Surprisingly, the least prone to die is Blood Death Knight because first its self-sustains. So whether or not the healers are dropping the ball in some places, Blood DK doesn't care. Number two simply because they have a cheat death unlike Protection Warrior unlike Guardian Druid and Protection Paladin at the minimum a proper Chief death, they are doing have one, so they are much less prone to die when they're tanking a raid boss.