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Diablo 2 Resurrected: All Classes, Ranked

  • Whether you’re a newcomer to the Rogue Encampment or going back to stop the evil which has survived, this list can help you choose which class to experience.

    The minions from the Burning Hells have returned, and also the world needs brave heroes to consider arms. Destroying the best evil Soulstones and journeying into the Worldstone Keep could be dangerous, but picking the very best class for the playstyle could be the initial step to reclaiming the field of Sanctuary.

    The 7 classes of Diablo 2 each have their very own strengths and benefits. This list considers the versatility and viability of the classes, in addition to how much fun they are to experience. If you’re stuck in the campfire selecting your class, this list will help you choose the very best way to quell the forces of evil.

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    7. Barbarian

    Although the Barbarian includes a few builds that could be powerful and fun, they might require a lot of items and levels before they can handle the wilds. Unlike some from the other classes, Barbarians start slow. Once you could get a few nice items or Runewords the Barbarian’s power and fun factor ramp up.

    The meatiest class in Diablo 2 may be the heavy-weapon-wielding Barbarian. While they possess some great spells and builds, the slow start and reliance upon expensive items result in the Barbarian being a hard class to select first.

    6. Necromancer

    The Necromancer is a solid choice for the first character, however, it lacks the plethora of playstyles and late-game strength from the other classes. Skeletal warriors and elemental golems would be the bread and butter from the summon Necro, a powerful early-game build that doesn’t require any high-level gear.

    Later hanging around, you can transition right into a bone or poison Necro for additional mage-like gameplay. If you want a fast and simple start the Necro is a great choice. However, Druid could be a more compelling summon class and Sorceress is a far better spellcaster.

    5. Druid

    The most unique class within the game may be the spell-slinging, shapeshifting Druid. Whether you’re building Fire or Fury, Druid could be a really fun and compelling class to experience. Although there are several fun and viable builds, the Druid class always felt enjoy it failed to meet its potential.

    With strong builds centered on Fissure, Tornado, Werewolf, or summons, the Druid appears like a jack of trades. However, the end-game power from the Druid doesn’t appear to stack up using the remaining classes about this list.

    4. Assassin

    Like the Druid, the Assassin is one of the most interesting classes in Diablo 2. Added within the Lord of Destruction expansion, the Druid and Assassin innovated around the original ideas in the base classes. The Assassin starts strong having a Fire Blast build and scales strongly into the late game with Traps.

    The Trap-sin are designed for nearly all from the demons of Sanctuary. With relatively little reliance upon items, the Trap-sin is a great starter character. Once you get some gear, you can pivot right into a Martial Arts build or perhaps a Whirlwind-sin.

    3. Amazon

    The Amazon is a fantastic choice for the first or fifth character. With a powerful early game that only gets better with gear, the Amazon is powerful along with a blast to experience. The best aspect of Amazon is its versatility in gameplay. You can choose to experience a Bow-zon, Java-zon, or Spear-zone, which have gripping options.

    With powerful early, mid, and late-game Runewords, the Amazon is a good starter class or end-game destroyer. If you begin with Bows, shift later into Javalins or Spears for a powerful alternative that keeps the gameplay fresh.

    2. Paladin

    One of the strongest early, mid, and late-game classes may be the Paladin. The Holy Knight can solo level, farm Baal runs, pay off the Ubers, and cope with anything between. With a dominant Blessed Hammer build and many formidable melee specs, the Paladin is unparalleled in its versatility.

    You can level like a Hammer-din with only Lore, Stealth, and Spirit (low-level Runewords that could be self-made by playing with the Acts). Afterward, you've got a plethora of choices for late-game builds, or you could get an Enigma and stick using the Hammers.

    1. Sorceress

    The Sorceress is the very best all-around class hanging around. You can solo anything, farm effortlessly, and speedrun everywhere. With no reliance upon items or levels, the Sorceress doesn’t depend on power spikes - she starts strong and just gets better.

    Aside from some mana problems in the early games, there aren't any downsides to the Sorceress. There are viable builds within the Fire, Cold, and Lightning spell trees, which means you get to select your favorite. If you’re having problems picking a main, roll a Sorceress and revel in.