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Dragonflight's Roadmap Gives Players Much-Needed Transparency

  • Blizzard is thinking about releasing a slew of content for World of Warcraft in 2023, and hopefully, this method carries to a 2024 roadmap.

    After the controversial Shadowlands, players did not understand what to expect from the following World of Warcraft expansion Dragonflight. Some were worried it would continue the pitfalls of their predecessors, which the glory times of World of Warcraft were gone. However, it appears as though Blizzard had completely different plans. The newest expansion went back to the fundamentals, told a tale heavily ingrained in classic Warcraft lore, and it has stripped out a lot of the systems which had plagued the prior expansions.

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    The direction that Blizzard decided to take World of Warcraft with Dragonflight is a breath of the outdoors. It feels as though a return to create for the 19-year-old MMO, and also the future seems very bright. Not quite happy with just revitalizing the sport, Blizzard has additionally committed to a consistent update schedule which will see a year filled with brand-new content. For the first time in World of Warcraft history, everything visiting World of Warcraft in 2023 continues to be laid out for players, and hopefully, this roadmap is a sign of items to come from the studio.

    Dragonflight's Roadmap Gives Players Some Much-Needed Transparency

    Since World of Warcraft is an MMO, it's seen an array of content updates through the years. The only way to help keep a game alive this long is as simple as giving players grounds to keep returning. Blizzard has been doing this through nine major WoW expansions full of smaller-scale updates in their respective tenures. An expansion tends to last about 2 years, and expansions will live or die based on the quantity of content that Blizzard pours into them. Some seem like they were cut short, some have patches that go on for a bit too much time, plus some just have an overall lack of engaging content.

    Throughout each expansion, players have mostly been left guessing about when the following update will roll around. Sometimes it only requires a couple of months, and often it can take more than a year before new content arrives. This inconsistent content cycle can frequently hurt the sport as it only survives because of the quantity of content that Blizzard pumps into it. There has never been an organized plan, and players never really knew what to anticipate when a brand-new expansion is released. Even the best-looking WoW expansions could crash and burn if Blizzard took too much time releasing new content.

    It appears like Blizzard wants to change by using World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and hopefully, this continues to be considered a trend moving forward. For the first time, the studio has unveiled its full 2023 plans having a roadmap. This means that players know precisely how many patches will launch this season, the things they will include, and when they can get them. While the specifics of each patch continue to be shrouded in mystery, players can get six different patches before 2023 ends with patch 10.0.5 already here and WoW 10.0.7 looming coming.

    This roadmap gives players a brand new level of transparency around what's going on with the MMO. It is a nice change of pace from previous expansions, and extremely helps set Dragonflight up as a powerful expansion after two very controversial ones. The roadmap is just as good as the content it is advertising, but to date, the content has additionally been pretty strong. Players have loved flying with the skies from the Dragon Isles, additions such as the Trading Post have recently given the sport a form of evergreen content, and also the story is not half-bad either.

    Blizzard has plans for more roadmaps because of its biggest games, and hopefully, that carries to 2024. If the studio is constantly on the churn out consistent content such as this then Dragonflight could become one of the best expansions up to now, also it could put World of Warcraft back into the spotlight. Only time will tell if Blizzard continues down this path, however, it would probably get better because of all its games if this method became the new norm.

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