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Best Bard Support Build in Lost Ark

  • Create the very best bard in Lost Ark

    With any popular MMO, you've got a list of classes you can pick to be able to come out on the top with your teammates. Lost Ark is an MMORPG where you can participate in raids, defeat enemies, and make strong guilds. Let’s vacation through Arkesia once we learn about how to become the very best bard support for the team. Whether you are typically a DPS, tank, or healer there’s a job for everyone, and being a pretty good bard player will offer your team a lot of advantages. If you want to be a better bard player here’s the very best bard support build in Lost Ark.

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    What may be Bard's role in Lost Ark

    Being a bard is being both DPS and healer. If you’re into duel-type classes you’re likely to want to choose to be a bard. They offer skills that will help significantly in battle and provide support for the whole team. A great bard understands how to heal their teammates swiftly while going for buffs. If you’re into dealing incredible damage like a tank this is probably not the role for you. If you wish to learn how to be considered a bard we'll educate you. Casting spells is advantageous as bard simply because they have low cool-off periods and casting spells will seem faster. Being a bard means you can give healing, damage, and crowd-control buffs. It also means you can provide support whilst finding methods to deal damage to enemies; although we recommend concentrating on healing versus fighting. Have we convinced you to decide on the route of the bard? Let’s learn about the very best bard build in Lost Ark.

    Best Bard Build in Lost Ark

    Do you remember the way we were referring to bards being swift and may access their magic abilities faster than the others? What about whenever we said you need to focus on healing versus fighting? If you wish to build the very best bard you’re likely to want to concentrate on those two elements: swiftness & support. Building your bard means you need to learn to use different spells to provide your teammate's buffs and heal them on the way. This means that you need to focus on building swiftness and specialization. Swiftness is a skill bards have which will make sure they are super fast in the battle to cast skills. Higher the swiftness level the greater mobility your bard has. Lastly, you’re likely to want to raise your specialization skill. This will let your skills get a boost which will increase their attack and cooldowns.

    Best skills to use for Bard in Lost Ark

    To build the very best bard ever you’re likely to want to concentrate on a few skills. Different skills that you’re likely to want to provide your bard are Heavenly Tune, Guardian Tune, Sonic Vibration, Wind of Music, Sound Shock, Soundholic, Prelude of Storm, and Rhythm Buckshot. These skills can provide your bard with some good advantages in battle and can give your teammates some nice buffs. For instance, if you are using Heavenly Tune you can expect your teammates to obtain a buff for his or her attack speed plus they can recover MP faster. You can also deal around 415 harm to enemies with this particular skill. The other skills we now have mentioned will offer buffs and may provide additional damage to enemies. Some of them have to be unlocked by reaching a particular level, however, once you’ve reached it, you’ll be utilizing these skills constantly.

    Additional Items to use for Bard in Lost Ark

    As you play Lost Ark you will find gems or runes that you can use to assist boost your character's performance. Runes for example Rage Rune can provide your character additional speed and attack buffs that will help in battle. Gems, for instance, are another item you can use to assist maintain your cool-off. If you’re wondering which runes we recommend browsing the list below:

    Wealth Rune

    Rage Rune

    Galewind Rune

    Quick Recharge Rune

    Overwhelm Rune

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