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Lost Ark – Should You Choose Preigelli or Liebertane

  • Will you side with the freedom-loving pirates or even the serious law-and-order-type mercenaries?

    Preigelli or Liebertane, order or lawlessness, red or blue team. Like always, there’s a small anxiety right now about choosing so most people are running online to determine what others have picked and why. It’s probably that better if there are only two choices as that limits everyone’s dilemma.

    Many players are experiencing their doubts and several discussions happen to be started online about which faction to choose in Lost Ark. Arguments 're going back and forth, we’ve seen all of them and chose to bring you the review of everything you should know before choosing your faction in Lost Ark. Read on for more information!

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    What Faction Should You Choose in Lost Ark?

    After you reach item level 1445 and finish the “Cataclysmic Eliyabeck” quest you'll be put in front of the choice of joining the red team (Liebertane) or even the blue team (Preigelli). The Liebertanes represent themselves as a freedom-loving faction without any rules that take what they can. Opposite of them stand Preigelli who's more of the law and order faction that needs to end the chaos in Rowen by getting strict regulations.

    No Big Differences

    The very first thing you should know about joining factions is that it isn’t a red or blue pill choice. The consequences of joining Preigelli or Liebertane aren’t binding and also the differences are minimal. Both factions allow you access to progress through 15 Faction Ranks, take co-op quests, and obtain various mounts, skins card packs, etc.

    Join the Preigelli and you'll get blue and white skins. Join the Liebertane as well as your hero is going to be dressed in red and white. At Rank 11 you may also buy the other side’s skin chests so even though you aren’t sure about which color you want you can switch.

    Even if you feel you’ve designed a bad choice don't worry! Joining a faction for the first time allows you to change your mind immediately, while for those who have already been choosing factions previously, you'll have a 7-day wait period before you can switch.

    Keep in your mind that when you join a faction, all of the characters out of your Roster join the selected faction too. Also, should you change faction after Rank 11 you're going to get an XP penalty, and also you could lose Rank too.

    Disbalance of Forces in Lost Ark

    The only thing that may make you choose one over the other may be the disbalance within the number of members on some servers. Many players have discussed this in Reddit and official Lost Ark forums also it seems that individuals are not joining the Preigelli faction since it looks too authoritarian for them. This created an in-game destabilization.

    People having fun with a crowded Liebertane faction may have plenty of chances to find other players for co-op missions as the Preigelli ones won’t be so fortunate. On the other hand, should you go out looking for members of the alternative faction you'll have a much easier time should you be Preigelli than should you be Liebertane.

    Can You Make a Choice?

    There are limits to the number of members a faction may take and yes a faction could be full on your server. When you add the truth that we’ve mentioned previously that Liebertane is a lot more popular compared to Preigelli, you may be faced with a choice of whether or not to join the blue ones immediately or wait for that red team to spread out a spot for you.

    In the finish, the official Lost Ark website mentions there are lots of new challenges and rewards awaiting you once you join a faction, no matter your choice. So our advice would be to relax and relish the game, regardless of the color of your uniform might be!

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