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WoW Dragonflight Patch Brings Massive Shaman, Paladin Buffs

  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's latest hotfix gives Shamans an especially big boost while Paladins and Death Knights also have received a buff.

    Blizzard capped from February by showing World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's Shamans, Paladins, and Death Knights some love as a few helpful buffs to key abilities. WoW: Dragonflight players should notice Shamans creating a little more DPS because of one really important buff to Icefury, and also the hotfix also addresses several balance issues in PvP.

    After stumbling through several expansions that left many players frustrated because of long walks with the dreary Maw, countless "borrowed power" systems that required constant upkeep, and several too many extra systems and currencies to help keep track of, WoW Dragonflight is a breath of outdoors. Featuring a smaller-scale narrative, fewer systems to help keep track of, and Dragonflight's enjoyable Dragonriding traversal, this latest expansion has been created for more casual players which have grown weary in WoW's the past few years. Despite the well-received launch, there's still lots of work to be achieved as Blizzard continues its endless find it difficult to balance the game's growing roster of classes.

    The February 28 hotfix has mostly been geared toward buffs of underperforming classes, a minimum of as far as PvE is worried. WoW, Dragonflight's Elemental Shamans particularly have seen some major improvements, with Icefury getting a staggering 80% damage increase together with generating 14 Maelstrom instead of 8. The buffs don't hold on there for Elemental Shamans, however, as Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, Earth Shock, Frost Shock, and Elemental Blast have each seen buffs as much as 15%. A few of these changes only affect PvE, however, the big Icefury change is universal.

    Although not quite as big of a boost, WoW Dragonflight's Protection Paladins have received a remarkable 30% damage increase to Hammer of Wrath and 20% boosts to Greater Judgment's bonus and Hammer from the Righteous' damage. Last and the least when it comes to buffs, Blood Death Knights have received a 3% boost to any or all damaging abilities. On the PvP side, Marksmanship Hunters are experiencing their damage shifted from Kill Shot to base rotation abilities. Most other classes only saw very minor alterations in PvP, while Enhancement Shamans must have more consistent damage because of 20% buffs to Stormstrike and Windstrike.

    The start of the new month also marks an update to WoW's Trading Post, with a brand new set of rewards to earn along with a new listing of tasks to accomplish. Players who successfully grind out 1000 Travel Points this month could get them on the job at the Darkmoon Harlequin's Bells Ensemble.

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    WoW Dragonflight February 28 Hotfix Notes



    Fixed a problem where Greater Judgment wasn't doing the right amount of damage after its recent increase.

    Dungeons and Raids


    Azure Vault

    Crackling Vortexes happen to be adjusted so that they no longer chase players.

    Nokhud Offensive

    Ohn’ahra now counts as a lower-priority target for several player-healing spells.


    Death Knight


    [With weekly restarts] All damaging abilities increased by 3%.



    [With weekly restarts] Light of Dawn healing increased by 10%.


    [With weekly restarts] Greater Judgment’s bonus for your next Holy Power ability from the afflicted target increased to 40% (was 20%).

    [With weekly restarts] Hammer of Wrath damage increased by 30%.

    [With weekly restarts] Hammer from the Righteous damage increased by 20%.



    [With weekly restarts] Lightning Bolt damage increased by 10% for Elemental only. Does not affect PvP.

    [With weekly restarts] Lava Burst damage increased by 6% for Elemental only. Does not affect PvP.

    [With weekly restarts] Earth Shock damage increased by 6%. Does not affect PvP. Does not affect PvP.

    [With weekly restarts] Elemental Blast damage increased by 6% for Elemental only. Does not affect PvP. Does not affect PvP.

    [With weekly restarts] Icefury damage increased by 80%.

    [With weekly restarts] Icefury causes Frost Shock to create 14 Maelstrom (was 8).

    [With weekly restarts] Frost Shock damage increased by 15% for Elemental only.

    Developers’ notes: These changes are targeted at improving Elemental single target damage. We also felt that Icefury should deal more damage so the spell isn't solely centered on the follow-up Frost Shocks