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Lost Ark’s Tulubik Battlefield is all-out, 96-player PvP warfar

  • Smilegate and Amazon Games detail Lost Ark’s Tulubik Battlefield update, which launches in March and sees players face off in 96-player PvP within the RPG game.

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    The Lost Ark Tulubik Battlefield update is nearly upon us, so developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon Games have detailed what to anticipate from the colossal clash of factions within the large-scale PvP mode for the fantasy RPG game. A blend of co-op missions, boss fights, and 96-player Realm versus Realm matches promises to provide players with lots of reasons to stay with Lost Ark as news from the Diablo 4 beta looms.

    Upon reaching item level 1445, players can travel to the brand new continent of Rowen, where two factions fight over its precious Sylmael Crystals. You’ll need to decide whether you’d rather align yourself using the machine-loving mercenaries of Preigelli, who wish to maintain order and law, or even the raucous pirates and mages of Liebertane.

    You’ll need to undertake several different activities to propose your chosen side, which will see your progress via a total of 15 faction ranks and generate the aforementioned Sylmael Crystals. These can then be converted into the rewards you’re actually after – honing materials, card packs, mounts, skins, plus much more. You will also get dedicated faction skins at higher ranks, letting you show off your allegiance with pride. You can choose to switch sides down the road, even though you’ll face a rank penalty for the indecision.

    There are co-op quests to accomplish, and opposing faction members to consider down, not to mention the grand scale from the Tulubik Battlefield – 48-player Realm versus Realm matches that help you capture bases and fight the enemy forces to harness Magick. The more bases you possess, the faster your Magick accumulates, and also the side which grabs probably the most will come out victorious.

    Despite Rowen being a land of all-out war, it runs on a regular schedule, so have a look below and ensure your calendar is apparent for action. You will have the choice to join friend matches sometimes however, so long as you can pull together no less than 30 total players (with teams randomized) – even though you won’t earn Sylmael Crystals for casual bouts.

    To go into the Tulubik Battlefield, you’ll need to be faction rank three and item level 1490. You can then click the Rowen Battlefield icon in your minimap, or head straight to Regarbank Great Plans or Fighter’s Have, together with major cities as well as your stronghold, to get involved with the action.

    Lost Ark Tulubik Battlefield faction PvP schedule and rewards

    Regular matches

    Here would be the times that 96-player regular matches take place in Lost Ark Tulubik Battlefield:

    Day Time Wednesday and Friday 8 pm local time Saturday and Sunday 3 pm and 8 pm local time

    Co-op quests

    Here would be the time co-op quests take place in Lost Ark’s Rowen region:

    Day Time Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:30 pm local time Saturday and Sunday 3:30 pm and 8:30 pm local time

    Field Boss

    Here would be the times you can fight an area boss in Lost Ark’s Rowen region:

    Day Time Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday On the hour, every hour from 3-11 pm (aside from 7 pm) local time Saturday 3 pm local time

    Lost Ark Sylmael Crystals rewards

    Here are the rewards you can exchange Sylmael Crystals for in Rowen at launch:

    Random Rowen Collectible Chest

    Kottbulle Dish

    Sylmael Honing Packs

    Sylmael Honing Support Material Pack

    Song of Wolves

    Victory Dance Emote

    Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest

    Rowen-Style Schnapps

    Osphere Emoticon Pack

    Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest

    Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest

    Hero’s Reward Chest

    Storhorn Mount Chest

    Great Epic Reward Chest

    Great Dominion’s Reward Chest

    Great Legend’s Reward Chest

    Rowen Card Pack

    Honor Shard Pouch

    Great Honor Leapstone

    Marvelous Honor Leapstone

    Crystallized Destruction Stone

    Obliteration Stone

    Crystallized Guardian Stone

    Protection Stone

    Ancient Platinum Coin

    The Lost Ark Tulubik Battlefield update releases in March, with Smilegate stating that an exact date is due within the coming weeks.

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