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Lost Ark: How To Get Heavenly Harmony

  • Trying to locate Lost Ark's Heavenly Harmony and achieving trouble? This guide will help you narrow down the place.

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    Lost Ark is an online MMO RPG popularized because of its various quests and mechanics. There are several islands to go to across the land and several people to meet. A special island named 'Harmony Island' is time-based, appearing once in a while in different locations. There are various rewards to become collected on Harmony Island, together with quests and also the ability to acquire some in-game cash. Tip: lost ark gold is available at professional lost ark gold shop MMOWTS, with constant delivery along with a safe deal!

    Heavenly Harmony is a reward that may be accessed only on the island. Though the island is only able to be accessed twice daily, and mainly appears on weekends. The exception for this is Mondays and Tuesdays when there can be a chance to go through the island at those times. To figure out when Harmony Island will spawn, check Procyon's compass.

    Introduction To Harmony Island

    Quests yield a 'Chest of Aromatic Sound'. This gives a random opportunity to get Heavenly Melody, together with several others things. It's not sure to get Heavenly Melody around on the first try.

    Once accessing Harmony island, you will find three green co-op quests to complete there. Bringing a buddy isn't necessary, as numerous people visit the island regularly and take part in the quests. Joining the quests is essential to get the reward. Following where other players are going in groups can help figure out which quests are now being done first. The map below highlights each green quest on Harmony Island that needs to become done for a chest, each giving one chest.

    Quests On Harmony Island

    The first mission to cover is located around the very left of Harmony Island. Players need to grab water in the pond and make it over to the circular garden located right away from the area for that quest. After a little bit of carrying water, the quest is going to be completed and that is going to be the first chest earned.

    Second, the three quests are situated at the top of the map. Players are going to be directed around the ring where the quest is inside and delivered to collect flowers. After a specific amount of flowers continues to be collected, the quest can finish with the next chest earned.

    The third quest necessitates the 'Serenade of Love' music, acquired at Level 50 via a quest. Standing in the middle of the circular garden and awaiting the mission to begin, once it will begin playing the Serenade of Love song. After a moment of individuals playing the song, the quest is going to be complete and players will get the chest. Chests from these quests could be opened anytime and all possess a probability of Heavenly Harmony. Some players might receive it on the first try, others might receive it way later.