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Diablo 2 Resurrected: 5 Best Armors

  • Diablo 2 Resurrected is the remastered version of the classic action RPG that has captivated millions of players since its release in 2000. The game features improved graphics, sound, and gameplay, as well as cross-progression and cross-play between PC and consoles. One of the most important aspects of Diablo 2 Resurrected is the loot system, which allows players to find and equip various items that enhance their characters' abilities and appearance. Among these items are armors, which provide defense, resistance, and other bonuses. In this blog post, we will rank the five best armors in Diablo 2 Resurrected, based on their rarity, stats, and usefulness.

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    5. Enigma

    Enigma is a runeword armor that can be created by socketing three runes (Jah + Ith + Ber) into a three-socketed body armor. Enigma is one of the most versatile and powerful armors in the game, as it grants +2 to all skills, +45% to faster run/walk, +1 to teleport (a skill normally exclusive to the sorceress class), and a huge boost to strength and life. Enigma is especially useful for melee classes that need mobility and damage output, such as the barbarian or the paladin.

    4. Chains of Honor

    Chains of Honor is another runeword armor that can be created by socketing four runes (Dol + Um + Ber + Ist) into a four-socketed body armor. Chains of Honor is a great choice for any class that relies on elemental damage or resistance, as it provides +2 to all skills, +200% damage to demons and undead, +70% enhanced defense, +20% to all resistances, and 8% life stolen per hit. Chains of Honor is ideal for classes like the druid or the necromancer, who can benefit from the increased damage and survivability.

    3. Fortitude

    Fortitude is a runeword armor that can be created by socketing four runes (El + Sol + Dol + Lo) into a four-socketed weapon or body armor. Fortitude is a powerhouse armor that boosts both offense and defense, as it grants +300% enhanced damage, +200% enhanced defense, +25% to all resistances, 20% chance of casting level 15 chilling armor when struck, and up to 30% increased attack speed or cast rate (depending on whether it is made in a weapon or a body armor). Fortitude is perfect for classes that want to dish out massive damage while staying protected, such as the amazon or the assassin.

    2. Arkaine's Valor

    Arkaine's Valor is a unique balrog skin that can only be found in hell difficulty. Arkaine's Valor is a rare and coveted armor that offers a balanced mix of skills, defense, and life. It grants +1-2 to all skills (random), +30% faster hit recovery, up to 200% enhanced defense (random), and up to 150 to life (random). Arkaine's Valor is suitable for any class that wants to improve their overall performance and durability.

    1. Tyrael's Might

    Tyrael's Might is a unique sacred armor that is arguably the rarest item in the game. Tyrael's Might can only be dropped by Baal in hell difficulty or by Diablo in Uber Tristram (a secret area accessible only by completing a special quest). Tyrael's Might is an exceptional armor that offers unparalleled benefits, such as +20-30 to all stats (random), +50-100 to all resistances (random), cannot be frozen, slayer (monsters are slain rather than killed), indestructible, and 20% increased damage to demons. Tyrael's Might is the ultimate armor for any class that wants to dominate the game and look like an angel while doing so.