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Lost Ark Artist Guide – How to Get Artist Skins

  • In this informative guide, we will be referring to Artist skins. Many players happen to be excited to create an artist for the longest time, however, we don't have enough skins in the western world. So today, I will share my methods for getting them!

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    Buy Skins from Lost Ark Shop

    You can turn to the store, there are some skins available. And you can have them with blue crystals, meaning you have to spend Lost Ark gold. If you don’t are interested in them with real cash, another bundle includes yellow skin, or you can even obtain the white version.

    Another thing is the fact that even though it says you'll need 3200 crystals, you can also obtain the skin with 1000 blue crystals. The following is the way you exchange currency.

    Free Ways to Get Skins

    Exchange Rapport

    Many players might not know this, but there’s an NPC called Exchange Rapport. For example, in Nia Village, you'll need to first teleport to Nia Village and you will find the NPC in the top left corner.

    You can turn to the exchange rapport and click on it, and within the skins tab, you will find two skins, and also the cool thing is the fact that each of them is not a one piece. You can buy them separately. Here's the very first version.

    So if you would like the headpiece, you can buy all of them with 35,000 providence stones. If you want to obtain the top, you may also buy it separately.

    There’s additionally a white version, but I don’t have full skin, so I can’t show it to you. Here’s what the very best looks like for players who wish to go for a lighter theme.

    But I opted for the dark outfit since there is a big difference. First of all, the headpiece is extremely clean and looks amazing, just like legendary skin. Secondly, black after some dark blue and purple is extremely cool. Most importantly, this one includes a tail. So if you would like your Artist to possess a little tail, here's your right option. But this skin includes a bow flap thingy, plus some players might stand it.

    You might wonder how I get these stones. For some returning players or new players who might not have sufficient of those stones, you can have them by doing the storyline or any quests. Once you complete the tasks and also the missions, you can obtain the Provident Stones. There is a fast strategy for finding all quests that reward you with Provident Stones. Click “Alt + J’ and visit the reward item location or section in the search bar, key in Providence Stone, after which search up.

    If you've some old characters that you simply don’t play much or they’re not ever Lopang, you might like to start farming these because you will get a good decent amount, like 800 or 700 Providence Stones. You will make a few thousand every single day, but if you would like to push, you can do these dailies.

    Cookie Exchange

    There is yet another way to get free skins. There is a farming system within our stronghold for pets. It provides you with a lot of cookies and stuff that you simply can use in the Cookie Exchange Merchant. You can turn to the NPC and click on it. It will show three sections: Pet Inventory, skin, along with others. Then pick the skin section. The first skin that you simply might want to cop may be the Hoodie.

    Many new players may not know how your pet system works, but here I will provide you with a quick rundown. First, you'll need to hit the bottom left maintenance button. You can access any place in your stronghold. And then, visit the Pet Ranch, striking the cookie workshop, where you'll need to put your fully rested pets to grind some cookies. Once your pets finish working, you'll need to visit the Pet Ranch and set them over there to allow them to regenerate their energy.