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Lost Ark: How To Get The Unknown Island Token

  • Trying to obtain the Island Token on Lost Ark's Unknown Island? This guide can point you in the right direction.

    The Unknown Island is among the end-game islands you can travel to in Lost Ark when your level is high enough. What sets this island in addition to the rest of them would be that the paths are randomized any time you visit.

    While it might take you a few tries to receive the area soul after defeating the bosses, it will likely be well worth it after you have enough tokens for that reward you've your eye on. After this guide, hopefully, you'll be one token nearer to that reward.

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    Unknown Island

    This island lives as much as the name 'unknown' when you are unpredictable. On this island, there are two bosses that you have the possibility of facing, however, you will not know which until you arrive on the correct path. There are also as many as 4 spawn points on their behalf as well, which means you never know wherever the bosses will spawn. Not only would be the spawn points random, but this island provides you with 3 paths that could or might not lead to the boss. Not only can you retrieve the area soul, but there are also 3 hidden Mokoko Seeds.

    This island is situated Northwest of South Vern or Southwest of Shushire. On the map, it will likely be located west of the Wall of Procyon. You will want to acquire Lost Ark ships just before venturing for this island. While technically this island isn't an adventure island, it might not be available constantly. Check your Procyon's Compass and click on the islands tab to check on what times this island will be accessible. You could even set a reminder using the stopwatch within the upper left corner menu.

    It is recommended you switch off alerts for everything you aren't looking to achieve this the notification for that event you're awaiting won't be lost inside a sea of notifications. Once you switch off notifications for everything, you're free to select which events you need to be alerted for and when you would like to be alerted. For example, if you choose half an hour before, then you'll be notified 30 minutes just before an event starts.

    The Unknown Island Token

    Some island locations can be challenging to locate, however when you get to this island after that you can begin your island adventure. Once you pick the correct road to follow about this island, you'll be met at the conclusion by either Beast King of Darkness or Beast King of Light for any boss. A telltale sign that you've chosen the right path will be the monkey mobs you have to defeat too as the vine blockages your way. Either of those bosses, when defeated, may have a chance to drop the Island Token. Other random drops include Focus, Guardian Stone Fragment, Gold, and Destruction Stone Fragment.

    Three minutes after players enter the area, there is going to be a co-op quest called A Veiled Entity which will begin. The more players you will find, the easier it will likely be to defeat the boss. While some islands, like the Adventure Islands, are only able to be accessed once daily, this island could be repeated. This is great news to those who require to repeatedly defeat the bosses about this island in search of the token. It is recommended that you're a level 50 by having an item degree of 460 before you take about this island.

    Once you get to the level requirements, all you've to do is construct your ship and go to the open sea. Once you complete the Unknown Island Token quest, after that you can move on to other tasks about this island for example finding the hidden Mokoko Seeds or simply doing some general exploring. Keep in mind you will want to ensure your inventory isn't full, which means you can get the rewards dropped by the bosses.

    Island Token Rewards

    The Island tokens could be exchanged for rewards by going to Opher around Lonely Island. This island is situated Northwest of Anikka in the middle of the East Vern Sea. The rewards increase in value by increments of 5 as much as 95. With 19 rewards and also over 90 tokens to unlock scattered throughout the Hawaiian islands, it's worth the grind on their behalf.

    Greater Stat Increase Potion - 5 Island Tokens

    Emote: Threaten - 10 Island Tokens

    Uncommon Wooden Compass - 15 Island Tokens

    Greater Skill Point Potion - 20 Island Tokens

    Mount: Golden Moss Turtle - 25 Island Tokens

    Masterpiece #3 - 30 Island Tokens

    Emote: Wave Dance - 35 Island Tokens

    Luminous Aquamarine (compass upgrade) - 40 Island Tokens

    Gienah's Protection (increases rapport) - 45 Island Tokens

    Protections (skill rune) - 50 Island Tokens

    Masterpiece #22 - 55 Island Tokens

    Secret Map (Adventure: Giant Shell) - 60 Island Tokens

    Oceanic Aquamarine - 65 Island Tokens

    Structure: Statue from the Goddess Harmony - 70 Island Tokens

    Masterpiece #38 - 75 Island Tokens

    Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle - 80 Island Tokens

    Secret Map (Adventure: Ice Statue of Woman) - 85 Island Tokens

    Tidal Aquamarine - 90 Island Tokens

    Procyon Statue - 95 Island Tokens