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Diablo 4 as it's considered one of the best hybrid classes

  • Strong and resilient, Crusaders are the main tanks in Diablo 4 Gold. They are great for players that like to play as tanks or with a group since they have excellent buffs that are suited for team play. That said, the Crusader class can be great for solo players as well. With amazing crowd-control abilities as well as good AOE damage/attacks It's the Crusader is the ideal class to play when you're surrounded with enemies and getting the most damage. It's an extremely powerful character that can be found in Diablo 4 as it's considered one of the best hybrid classes. The Crusader can deal decent damage and can survive even the most frightening encounters. The odds are much better when paired by legendary sets of armor.

    One of the Crusader's principal skills that are accessible from the start, Punish allows players to attack an opponent to gain stronger senses. This increases the chance of a player to block by 30% for 2 seconds. Punish has an ultimate ability in the form of Counterattack Storm. This ability boosts Punish for 12 seconds , and striking all enemies in direct view of the crusader. This does not just increase the damage per hit , it increases the chances of block, effectively turning the Crusader into a temporary one-man army. Players will also receive a shield to help take the brunt of damage for around 3 seconds. It's an excellent skill that does damage but also ensures good survivability, especially against stronger bosses.

    A skill at level 1 in which players can hurl a spinning shield at the enemy that inflicts damage to the enemies it comes across. Much like a boomerang shield can return to the user and simultaneously pull enemies on its return path towards the player and deal additional damage. The speed of enemy movement decreases when hit by the shield's spinning and this makes it a fantastic technique to use against opposing players as well as bosses, and so players are encouraged to make use of this skill as often as they can. With a cooldown of 12 seconds this should be no issue.

    Unlocked at level 8 Falling Sword allows players to impale an area with holy swords where it can inflict damage to close enemies for five minutes. If activated for the second time the skill will teleport to the sword's location and inflict further damage on adjacent enemies. The skill can cause a lot of additional AOE damage and at the end of the game will be more powerful. In PVP this skill assists players in teleporting from dangerous situations or towards enemies that are in the direction of weaker members of a team member's.

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