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FIFA 23 Where are my FIFA Points?

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    An issue with one of FIFA 23's Hero Packs has resulted in a rather expensive price due to the fact that an exchangeable FIFA Ultimate Team Hero item was placed on the game's virtual transfer market at a heavily reduced rate. Unrest ensued as players sought to dispose of their assets in the event that their value fell, seeking to make up for losses because the market was overflowing.

    FUT Hero items are rare and are therefore highly valuable. Each is associated with the player who has made an outstanding contribution to their team or is a popular fan favorite for one reason or another. Hero items are available for purchase. Hero item can fetch million of FUT coins per piece on the market for virtual transfers or be obtained by purchasing packs, where there is a slim chance of obtaining one.

    So when EA mistakenly released a pack that included a tradeable Hero item for a low price of 250 FUT coins, the market was hit by an inflow of cheap Heroes and caused the price to plummet and wipe out some of the more rare items. Fans who owned rare Heroes began to sell them as they watched prices fall and this put fuel on the flames. This is understandable since rarer Hero items can fetch hundreds of dollars in real-world value when sold on third-party platforms.

    The error has been rectified The pack is now available for about 25 minutes however the damage has been caused. EA has yet to comment on the situation, and even though the market is beginning to buying FUT 23 Coins recover, the loss appears to be irreversible. it remains to be seen what the publisher can accomplish to remedy the situation.