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Kudos for EA for introducing us to the ability

  • Today's deep dive I'll look at FIFA 23 Coins the latest gameplay features that are available for players in FIFA 23 to share my impressions on which ones can have an impact on the game, the influence (negative as well as positive) they bring, and if there's room to improve. For the full list of the new features, we'll just reference the EA FIFA 23 site. For grading FIFA 23, we'll use an easy 1-5 rating with 5 being "great improvement" with 1 being "why did EA bother to add this feature at all?" If you want to read my full review on FIFA 23, you can find it here.

    The first item on the agenda today is the much-anticipated newly released Power Shot. This new shot type relies heavily on your skill and includes a risk/reward situation that lets you unleash powerful shots at your opponent's goal.How to use power shots: LB/L1 + R1/RB/R1. + Shoot while manually aiming

    When to utilize Power Shots Due to the animation taking quite some time to complete it is recommended that power shots only be employed when there is adequate time as well as space to perform the command. Most commonly, any power shot that is attempted within the 18-yard line will be blocked if the direction is unclear since the path typically is flat when compared to finesse shots.

    Kudos for EA for introducing us to the ability to shoot with a new command, especially one that incorporates manual aiming. It's also great that to turn off the annoying zoom-in sound which plays in the event that the powershot is triggered. Overall, it's an awesome addition to shooting.

    Set pieces have gotten boring in FIFA over the years. While free kicks are not as common for me When you do get one, they're more exciting. Additionally penalties have been made less complicated to make it easier. Also, corners haven't just copied the same mechanics as set pieces, they also buying FUT 23 Coins have a more appealing camera view.