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Casemiro's transfer to Manchester United has been nothing

  • Liverpool Under Klopp is FIFA 23 Coins nothing less than dominant despite their poor performance this season. Their team features a variety of significant players that make the team extremely risky and dangerous, with Fabinho being one such player that has been instrumental in their many wins at the trophies.

    He's at the top for his playing career and this is an aspect that FIFA 23 have also recognized. His defensive skills are in a league of their own, allowing him tackle most attacking players off before they be dangerous.

    Casemiro's transfer to Manchester United has been nothing other than awe-inspiring. After spending a number of years at Real Madrid, Casemiro has decided to ply his trade within the Premier League for the first time in his career.

    He's yet to make an impressive performance in Ten Hag's squad, however it's clear his presence. He's full of quality. His strong physicality and brilliant defense make him a masterclass in the DM role.

    Bayern Munich is a squad that's absolutely brimming with talent, including the likes of Joshua Kimmich. The player is extremely versatile and has the ability to play in different positions despite his DM tagline.

    His unique passing skills allow him launch attacks following a swarm of opposition players and taking possession back for the team. Simply put FUT 23 buy Coins, any team that has Kimmich on it is bound to be able to achieve incredible levels of success.