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Because it's FUT's defensive component

  • Because of FIFA 23 Coins the four defenders, and two defensive midfielders you can have a strong anchor to build up your play and cope well with opposing attacks. If you often run into difficulties defensively, this is not a bad choice.

    If you have a surplus of talented attacking midfielders within your club and aren't looking to let them go to waste, the formation of 4-2-3-1 is an interesting option to consider.

    It retains the defensive anchor of the 4-2-2-2 system, but on the offensive, it features a powerful spearhead of fast and talented players who should create scoring opportunities by smart passing. Here you'll have to show an ability to discern the correct timing and the necessary space to carry out your ground-level maneuvers if you want to be successful.

    Five defensive players might seem like boring defensive overkill , however, the formation 5-2-2-1 opens up exciting possibilities for you. Due to the introduction Lengthy players as part of the AcceleRATE system, which includes HyperMotion2 Some side defenders are real rockets with lots of stamina and speed that can assist your offensive plans without compromising your defense.

    Because it's FUT's defensive component that's difficult for many players to master on, this enormous defensive chain can be a viable solution to such problems. Because of these advanced technology, you don't hamper your offensive potential excessively by being heavy on defenders.

    FIFA 23's first update is out and will affect the types of fouls that buying FUT 23 Coins referees call it increases the speed of dribbling and makes penalties harder to call.