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WOW WOTLK Classic:Players may already be familiar

  • Nervig: Significant differences there from Garrison, which had many different WOTLK Gold followers. Classes Order Hall supporters are a small subset of major heroes that will be more in touch with. They can still be sent for missions. However, you'll also get one of them to serve as your combat ally. If you're in the outdoors exploring Broken Isles, that one will be assisting you.

    If you don't want anything in your way, and you do not need the follower type of gameplay it's possible to pick one that just runs in and stuns everything. It then disappears, and that's the only interaction you have with it. That's an awesome ability to have. You can also have one that can go to the point of being your tank.

    St-Michel: That's what makes it more personal and a part of your classes. You've definitely encountered this person before when you've played the character regularly and are interested in the history and history of the class. You'll see them and they'll go out on actual quest lines with you too occasionally.

    Nervig: They are class-specific. I played a lot of Legion beta on monks and I had Li Li and Monkey King as my assistants. There are characters of major importance in the lore who are helping you.Barriga Fans of ours held our feet to the fire a little bit [because] there may not have been enough content for them play in Warlords for the way they play. There was plenty of content from raids, an abundance of PvP stuff to do but there were some who wanted an extra bit. We did not support Warlords as much in updating the content players had access to particularly at the end of the game.

    Players were left with nothing to do. I'm not convinced that there was a sufficient patch schedule. That's what I'm hoping to assure our players that we will be very aggressive in making sure there's something to play, and we should not have a content shortage like we saw before. As we prepare for players to begin playing Legion in the coming months, we're already working on new content that's likely to very rapidly get put in the pipeline of content for them.

    St-Michel: There are the levels 110 zones which open up. When you reach the level cap it's not even far from the finish line. You're still in Suramar which has opened up. You still have your artifact that you're levelling. There's plenty that can be completed by completing level 110.

    That brings us into the brand new Artifact Weapons. Can you provide us with a bit about what those are and how they work?

    Barriga: Players may already be familiar with legendary quests from the past where certain classes received special quests to go and get an exclusive weapon specific to their class. For Legion we made one quest line for cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold each particular class. This means that mages have three separate acquisition lines for every one of their spec.