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Nervig: We definitely learned a lot from Garrisons

  • When we talked about revisiting the idea about Demon Hunters, revisiting Illidan I was  WOTLK Gold most excited because we would be able to tell the story that we weren't able to tell prior. Maybe , even if you did not agree with Illidan and his story, you knew his point of view. We feel like we want to change the tone and alter the direction 15-degrees or 20-degrees. However, we wish to do it in a respectful manner of the characters brought up. The players will be able to see that we will be returning to Alturus, Akama, Illidan, Maiev--all characters where we sown the seeds of those stories many years ago, even before Burning Crusade.

    What kind of story will be organized how will the story be structured in Legion? Does it have a single linear campaign, or is the story's content split up in some way?

    Nervig: Each zone is a distinct storylines.

    St-Michel: Much of the overall storyline can be found in your Class Halls so you're never missing any of the overall story. It's generally an enjoyable experience for people who play a variety of charactersand characters. You can begin in the same zone with the same character, and switch to another zone on another, and you'll see all the different stories inside the zones. However, the overall story is still being told through the Class Order Halls.

    Please tell us more concerning what else we could anticipate in these class order halls?

    The Warriors Order Hall

    St-Michel: They're similar to the natural progressions from Garrisons, except we've spent hours of effort to make them very impactful as well as integrated into the gameplay. [Class Order Halls are] in a way bringing it all back to the original story when the Horde and Alliance face off against the greatest threat in history and that's The Burning Legion. The classes all decide to band together within themselves. You collect these very personal heroes we know from the stories and then take them into your fold to help you defeat the danger.

    Nervig: We definitely learned a lot from Garrisons. In the beginning of the one or two months of Warlords of Draenor Garrisons looked excellent. However, as many would say, it got lame just sitting alone with your Garrison for a lot of time. Classes Order Halls are not similar to that. The things you are doing there have to do with things outside of buy WOTLK Gold the Order Hall, and they send you off to do different things.