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Genshin Impact: Kaveh's Best 5-Star & 4-Star Weapons

June 2, 2023

Author: snow crystal

  Luckily for Free-to-Play travelers, Kaveh's main weapon will probably have the Elemental Mastery stat, which frequently comes with 4-Star weapons. We will supply you with a few different choices, to help you buff your Kaveh using what you have. 5-Star Weapon: Beacon Of The Reed Sea Beacon from the Reed Sea increases Kaveh's CRIT Rate with a base quantity of 7.2 percent. Its Bonus Skill increases his ATK by 20 % for 8 seconds after his Elemental Skill hits a rival. After Kaveh takes DMG, his ATK is going to be increased by 20 % for 8 seconds. The 2 aforementioned effects could be triggered even if Kaveh isn't currently around the field. Additionally, if not protected with a shield, Kaveh's Max HP is going to be increased by 32 percent. Though Beacon from the Reed Sea isn't just the ideal selection for Kaveh when it comes to weapons, it is a great 5-Star choice should you want to buff his overall damage and the chances of creating CRIT Hits. If you want to quickly get the desired 5-star character, you can buy Genshin Impact accounts on MMOWTS. 4-Star Weapons: Mailed Flower, Makhaira Aquamarine, & Rainslasher Mailed Flower can give Kaveh a base increase of 24 to his Elemental Mastery. Its Bonus Skill increases his ATK by 12 percent and Elemental Mastery by 48 within 8 seconds after his Elemental Skill hits a rival, or he triggers an Elemental Reaction. Since Kaveh is going to be the one in your team creating Elemental Reactions, Mailed Flower is the greatest choice for him to improve his damage. Makhaira Aquamarine can give Kaveh a base increase of 36 to his Elemental Mastery. Its Bonus Skill will trigger the next effect every ten seconds: Kaveh will gain 24 percent of his Elemental Mastery as Bonus ATK for 12 seconds, with nearby party members gaining 30 % of this buff for a similar duration. Multiple instances of the weapon make it possible for this buff to stack. This effect will still trigger even when Kaveh isn't on the field. Makhaira Aquamarine is a superb alternative to Mailed Flower, having a solid increase to Elemental Mastery whilst providing the remainder of Kaveh's team having a buff to ATK. Rainslasher increases Kaveh's Elemental Mastery with a base quantity of 36. Its Bonus Skill increases DMG against enemies impacted by Hydro or Electro by 20 %. Since most of Kaveh's teams contain Dendro and Hydro characters to produce the Bloom Reaction, Rainslasher is yet another fantastic 4-Star weapon that you should pick up. As we mentioned previously, Kaveh is best suited to some teams that can cause the Bloom Reaction. This is because Kaveh's Elemental Burst offers an additional DMG Bonus when Dendro Cores developed by the Bloom Reaction explode. Here are some of our recommended characters, in addition to a few alternatives if you're missing one of these. Character Character Type and Benefits Kokomi (Alternative: Candace) Sub-DPS Can provide consistent Hydro DMG to produce Bloom Reaction in addition to healing them. Nilou (Alternative: Xingqiu) Sub-DPS, Can provide additional Hydro DMG and turn Dendro Cores into Bountiful Cores. Baizhu (Alternative: Yaoyao) Support Can provide healing and shielding in addition to buff Dendro Reaction DMG for them. If you want to learn more about Genshin Impact, is here and it offers genshin impact accounts for sale.  

PoE: Detonate Dead Necromancer Build Guide

June 1, 2023

Author: snow crystal

Due to the nature of the nerfs that Detonate Dead has already established, we‘ve shifted this build to become an excellent mapper but no more want to suggest that it’s a passionate “boss killer”. The investment you need to become able to reliably kill those just isn’t warranted anymore. You’ll be in a position to do most normal bosses (as much as likes of Shapers & Elders) however in no way is build likely to take on an uber fight. Pros and Cons Pros + Strong build with amazing clear + Requires no uniques to work whatsoever + Therefore SSF viable – League starter viable + Loads of HP Pool / Block Chance to allow for a smooth playstyle Cons – You don’t make use of this build until after Act 10 – Pretty heavy on buttons to press (2 Button Build + Buffs) Map Modifiers to Become Avoided No regeneration can be quite annoying to operate, as you’re counting on life/mana/es regeneration a great deal. If you insist upon doing it anyhow, you have to bring an Enduring mana Flask to repair your Mana Regeneration. Otherwise, Elemental Reflect is a no-go. Even though the Corpse Explosion a part of Detonate Dead is unable to become reflected for you, the lesser spell part will certainly still kill you. If you’re running Physical Reflect maps, that’s fine, however, you have to either un-socket your Wave of Conviction Wave of Conviction or swap inside a Level 1 version from the Gem not to die to its reflect. Playstyle, Mechanics & Strengths Since Detonate Dead Detonate Dead scales mostly off from the monsters it detonates, you’re researching ways to create monsters with just as much Health as you possibly can since the corpse detonation is dependent on monster Health. This is why so many people are confused once they see Detonate Dead players run around with specters that initially seem useless. The underlying story here's that those specters, while seemingly random, are specially summoned simply because they have a through-the-roof % increased Heath modifier. If you have certain monsters as specters the Desecrate Desecrate gem will add those specters to the monster pool significantly helping the average Health your detonated corpses may have, thus vastly increasing your damage output. Comparatively, if we’re taking a look at random monsters we encounter hanging around, the typically increased life modifier you’ll find is about 80%. If you target summon-specific specters, you can go as much as 750% (or even more in specific scenarios). This means a 500% more damage multiplier for Detonate Dead and Vaal Detonate Dead and is an important part of your damage. Additionally, Necromancer scales corpse life by a significant amount and you’re obtaining increases for your spawned corpses’ Health within the tree to make it so Detonate Dead has such high base values to visit off of that you will don’t need any gear damage. If you want to make and enhance character equipment more easily, you can take a quick look at our POE Currency and cheap poe orbs!

Genshin Impact: Baizhu's Best Build & Artifact Sets

May 31, 2023

Author: snow crystal

  Baizhu has Bubu Pharmacy, working alongside Qiqi. He is never witnessed without his trusted snake friend, Changsheng, who's always beside him on his shoulder. Baizhu is a 5-Star Dendro character currently surviving in the city of Liyue in Genshin Impact and may be a great healing Support for the team. If you'd like to add online resources to medicine for your team, this is how you can build him. As a Support character, Baizhu can offer healing along with a shield to safeguard the Main DPS and Sub-DPS characters around the field. This means that his HP stat will have to be focused on greatly when building him because this is where the quality of his shield and healing can come from. Here is the artifact set we recommend. If you want to quickly get the desired 5-star character, you can buy Genshin Impact accounts on MMOWTS. 4-Set Of Deepwood Memories A 2-Set of Deepwood Memories will give you Baizhu a 15 percent increase to his Dendro DMG Bonus. The 4-Set will decrease enemy Dendro RES by 30 % for 8 seconds after Baizhu's Elemental Skill or Burst hits enemies. This result can be triggered even when Baizhu isn't currently around the field. This set is ideal for those who wish to focus on making Baizhu a healer, but additionally allow him to provide support for that Main DPS from the team, assuming they're Dendro. Here are the primary stats and substations to choose from for that set. All of Baizhu's healing and shielding can come straight from his HP stat, so you'll wish to focus on it for almost all of the Artifact pieces. Energy Recharge will make sure that his Elemental Burst is instantly available, so he can shield them. With the Deepwood Memories artifact set, you'll wish to give Baizhu a minimum of one other Dendro teammate to improve their Dendro DMG. Teams that may create Hyperbloom or Aggravate and Spread is going to be his best teams. Here are the very best characters to pair with Baizhu in addition to a few alternative characters. Character Character Type and Benefits Alhaitham (Alternative: Kaveh) Main DPS, Can provide powerful Dendro DMG and consistently apply Dendro to produce Reactions. Raiden (Alternative: Fischl) Sub-DPS Can provide strong Electro DMG to produce Hyperbloom Reaction and increase the team's Elemental Burst DMG. Xingqiu (Alternative: Yelan) Sub-DPS Can provide consistent on and off-field Hydro DMG to produce Bloom Reaction. If you want to learn more about Genshin Impact, is here and it offers genshin impact accounts for sale.  

We will guide you to solve the cellar puzzle in Diablo 4

May 31, 2023

Author: Rodeoneerer

Diablo 4 is known for its intricate puzzles that challenge players to think critically and solve mysteries within the game world. One such puzzle that players may encounter is the cellar puzzle. In this article, we will guide you through the process of solving the cellar puzzle, providing tips and strategies to help you navigate this enigmatic challenge and uncover its secrets.    Locating the Cellar Puzzle:    Cellar puzzles can be found in various locations in Diablo 4, often within dungeons or ancient ruins. Look for clues, interactable objects, or visual cues that indicate the presence of a puzzle. Explore thoroughly, paying attention to your surroundings and any hints that may lead you to the cellar puzzle.    Observing the Environment:    Before attempting to solve the cellar puzzle, take a moment to observe the environment. Look for symbols, patterns, or objects that may provide clues to the solution. Take note of any unique features or visual elements that stand out, as they may hold the key to unlocking the puzzle.    Interacting with Objects:    Engage with the objects within the cellar puzzle area. Examine and interact with switches, levers, buttons, or movable objects. Experiment with different combinations and sequences to see how they affect the puzzle's mechanics. Be mindful of any changes in the environment or the activation of new pathways as you interact with the objects.    Solving the Puzzle:    Each cellar puzzle in Diablo 4 is unique, presenting its own set of challenges. However, the following general strategies can help you approach and solve the puzzle:    Trial and error: Try different combinations and sequences to observe the effects they have on the puzzle. Pay attention to any feedback, such as visual or auditory cues, that may indicate progress or the correct solution.    Environmental clues: Look for symbols, patterns, or objects in the environment that may provide hints on how to solve the puzzle. These clues may be found on walls, in paintings, or as part of the surrounding architecture.    Audio cues: Listen for any audio cues, such as specific sounds or musical tones, that may indicate the correct order or sequence of actions. The game's audio design often provides subtle hints to guide players.    Collaboration: If playing in a multiplayer setting, consider collaborating with other players to pool your knowledge and observations. Working together may lead to new insights and a faster resolution of the puzzle.    Patience and persistence: Solving a cellar puzzle may require multiple attempts and iterations. Remain patient, and don't hesitate to try different approaches or revisit previously attempted solutions.The cellar puzzle in Diablo 4 is a challenging and rewarding experience that tests your problem-solving skills. By carefully observing the environment, interacting with objects, and employing strategies like trial and error, environmental clues, audio cues, collaboration, and persistence, you can conquer the puzzle and unveil its hidden treasures. Embrace the thrill of deciphering these mysteries and let the cellar puzzle become another exciting chapter in your epic adventure through Diablo 4.D4 gold is currency that is used in Diablo IV game. You can use D4 Gold to buy potions, scrolls, gear, and other that will improve your weapons, character, and equipment to get advantages in each battle!Luckily, you have the option to buy Diablo gold from a third-party market, like You can get the gold as fast, meaning you can enjoy the D4 currency as soon as possible. What's more, The price is considerably cheaper.

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